National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education

Foundation Committee Calls for Endowment Support

Posted March 28, 2016

For those of us who have devoted the majority of your professional lives in support of Physical Education/Kinesiology through participation in NAPECW, NCPEAM, NAPEHE , NAKPEHE or NAKHE and for those of you who are just beginning, the foundations committee requests your financial assistance for one or more of our endowed funds.

Although the importance of physical activity and Physical Education/Kinesiology has received increased visibility, higher education and professional preparation continue to ride stormy seas. The National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education (NAKHE) remains an important association in support of our profession, in support of physical activity and sport for youth, in support of human rights, and in support of social justice and diversity issues. NAKHE has also been an important link between our past (NCPEAM, 1897, and NAPECW, 1924) through its commemorative lectures (Amy Morris Homans, Dudley Allen Sargent, Delphine Hanna, and Hally Beth Poindexter) and our current professional networking and multi-disciplinary perspectives.

In 2007, the Board voted to combine the Memorial Fund and the Lecture Fund. This combined fund is known as the Lecture Fund. It is the intent to use the interest from this new fund for special needs and projects, including funding of special meetings or conferences (focus on profession and/or leadership), or a special keynote lecturer. The fund will also continue to ensure support of the four lectureships (Homans, Sargent, Hanna, and Poindexter). Contributions to the commemorative Lecture Fund will help maintain support for these important lectures at our national conference. The Homans Lecture was begun in 1967, the Sargent and Hanna Lectures were begun by NAPEHE in 1980 and 1982, respectively. Our newest endowed lecture, the Poindexter Lecture, was begun in 2003 in renaming the “Young Scholar Lecture” in honor of NAKHE’s past president and loyal friend, Hally Beth Poindexter.

Our third endowed fund, the Diversity Fund, was initiated in 1996 by Chuck Corbin. The purpose is to use the fund’s interest to support special programs and projects that deal with all aspects of diversity, including race, gender and sexual orientation issues.

Recently, the board is considering a leadership institute and a grants programs in support of multi-disciplinary research. And finally, funds are used to welcome New Members at our annual meeting, an idea begun by NAKHE Past Presidents and which will continue as long as NAKHE has new members!

It is our hope that you will help NAKHE continue to support Physical Education and Kinesiology special projects, commemorative lectures, and diversity, social justice and human rights issues through contributions to these funds.

Thank you for your consideration, donation, and assistance in these important endeavors.

Sincerely yours,

Ron Feingold
Foundations Committee Chair

Mail your contribution to:

P.O. Box 397117
Cambridge, MA 02139