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engaged-scholar-glode-300w.jpgEngaged Scholar Program

Requests for information and applications should be sent to Masoud Moghaddam at .

The Application Deadline has changed from April 15, 2024, to May 15, 2024.

  • NAKHE extends mentoring efforts into the area of scholarship with the Engaged Scholars Program (ESP). This program establishes mentoring and networking opportunities in the area of scholarship for tenured associate professors with the intention of supporting their career moves through the promotion process at their own institutions. The ESP will provide financial support for NAKHE members to collaborate in scholarly endeavors with established senior scholars. The intent of the ESP is to encourage those recently tenured/promoted to continue their professional development efforts and move forward to the rank of professor in collaboration with a preferred mentor/senior scholar recruited from NAKHE membership. Financial support is provided from the NAKHE Foundation.
  • Eligibility – Engaged Scholar Status
    • Must be a current NAKHE member
    • Must hold the rank of associate professor
    • Must be an active scholar with a demonstrated area of scholarship
      • Provide a current curriculum vita including information regarding current academic rank status;
      • Provide most recent scholarly endeavors (publications and presentations within the past 5 years);
      • Provide a statement of a research interest area (1 paragraph);
      • Nominate a NAKHE senior mentor (rank of professor) OR request a mentor from the ESP selection task force; and
      • Provide a possible research project (1 paragraph)
    • Must be available to collaborate with a senior scholar over a 12 month period on a joint research project
    • Assume responsibility for the production of tangible scholarly products (presentations and publications)
    • Must meet all required deadlines
  • Eligibility – Senior Scholar Status
    • Must be a current NAKHE member
    • Must be an established scholar in a subdiscipline of kinesiology
    • Must be available to collaborate with the selected Engaged Scholar on a specified research project with the intent of establishing a joint research project over a 12 month period
    • Provide a current curriculum vita
  • Engaged Scholar Program Process
    • Awards of $2,000 will be available to support the work of the ESP mentoring dyad. The intent of the program is for the engaged scholar to nominate a senior NAKHE colleague to serve as a mentor. Faculty seeking to be an Engaged Scholar who are seeking a senior partner are also welcome to apply. Multiple ESP dyads will be supported each year. The selection of ESP dyads will be made by a selection task force established by the NAKHE President. The task force will be comprised of NAKHE members who have served in leadership capacities (elected officer, committee chair, sub-committee chair, editor, etc.).
    • Once selected, the ESP dyads will collaborate for a period of up to twelve months with the intent of completing a scholarly product. The products of the collaboration should be disseminated through scholarly presentations at NAKHE conferences and in NAKHE publications – as well as other possible outlets.
  • Deadlines
    • The Application Deadline has changed from April 15, 2024, to May 15, 2024.
    • Notification of financial awards and ESP dyad couplings will be made by June 1st.
    • ESP Dyads begin collaborations in June, immediately after notification of the $2,000 award.
    • The ESP dyads will present update sessions in January of the next year (7 months after award date).
    • Final project presentations will be scheduled for the annual conference 18 months after award date.
  • Requests for information and applications should be sent to:
    Masoud Moghaddam at 
  • Download the Engaged Scholar Application Form
  • Past Engaged Scholar Recipients