National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education

The International Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education

journal.jpgThe International Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education (IJKHE) is dedicated to advancing the field of Kinesiology through publishing manuscripts that shape the direction of the field. The overall mission is to provide a forum for those in the field to share new, introductory, or small-scale research in addition to best practices in leadership, administration, and teaching.  The IJKHE consists of peer reviewed manuscripts, with a special focus on presenting the work of early career professionals and graduate students.

  • Best Practices in Leadership
    • Articles written by those in leadership positions, or about leadership work.
  • Best Practices in Teaching
    • Articles involving best practices in college teaching in Kinesiology.
  • Research
    • Original research articles that address new or existing lines of research pertinent to the field of Kinesiology
  • New Professionals
    • Articles written by newly hired professionals to aid others in their search for jobs or navigating the workplace
  • Public Affairs
    • Articles written for a public purpose, including position papers
  • Graduate Student Submissions
    • Articles highlighting Masters’ Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation work

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Journal Archives: Copies of The Chronicle of Kinesiology in Higher Education and the IJKHE from November 2008 vol 19(3) thru Spring 2016 vol 27(1) are available here.

Information on how to submit articles to the IJKHE is available here.

Guidelines for submission of ideas for special theme issues of IJKHE is available here. 


Beth Hersman, Editor
Wright State University


Glenn Hushman, Associate Editor
University of New Mexico

Jenna Lorusso, Associate Editor
University of Western Ontario