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 Diamond Level Association Donor $10,000  
 Gold Level Association Donor $5,000  
 Silver Level Association Donor $2,500  

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 NAKHE Diversity Fund  
 NAKHE Lecture Fund  
 NAKHE Legal Fund  

Annual Conference Sponsorship Items:
 Annual Conference Primary Speaker $1,000  
 Annual Conference Receptions $1,000  
 Annual Conference Delphine Hanna Lecture $750  
 Annual Conference Amy Morris Homans Lecture $750  
 Annual Conference Dudley Allen Sargent Lecture $750  
 Annual Conference Hally Poindexter Young Scholar Lecture $500  
 Annual Conference Graduate Student Poster Award $500  
 Annual Conference NAKHE Fellows Reception $250  
 Annual Conference Business Meeting Breakfast $250  
 Annual Conference New Member Luncheon $100  
 Annual Conference Hospitality Breaks $100  
 Annual Pre-Conference Board of Directors Meeting $600  
 Annual Post-Conference Board of Directors Meeting $600  
 Annual Conference Booth $600  

Annual Conference Advertising Rates:
 Annual Conference Program Advertisement: Half Page $250  
 Annual Conference Program Advertisement: Full Page $500  
 Annual Conference Website (9 months) $300  
 Annual Conference App $100  

Summer Workshop Sponsorship Items:
 Summer Workshop Sponsor $2,000  
 Summer Workshop Booth $300  

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