National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education



The NAKHE Leadership Institute fosters, promotes, and sustains mentoring and networking opportunities for professionals in higher education. We are committed to creating developmental leader training and professional growth opportunities for our members at every level. In addition to the programs listed below, NAKHE also offers pre-convention administrator workshops and pre-convention specialized trainings. So whether you are a seasoned professional researcher, a new or senior administrator, or assistant professor seeking tenure and promotion, we have a program for you!


NAKHE recognizes outstanding professional service, leadership, teaching and scholarship by selecting and honoring administrators, scholars, teachers, mentors and students to show its devotion to promoting leadership through mentoring and networking among kinesiology administrators, faculty, and students.

Summer Leadership Development Workshop

This NAKHE workshop brings kinesiology leaders together to brainstorm solutions to some of the complex problems facing higher education.

Department Head Certification Training

The program is designed to give interested or new department heads an opportunity to acquire the skills used in as a department administrator.

Leadership Mentor Program

NAKHE’s Leadership Mentor Program pairs aspiring administrators with experienced kinesiology chairs, deans or higher-level administrators for a one-week (five-day) “shadow” experience to build future leaders through hands-on mentoring and real-world scenarios. The program also builds networking and social communication between university kinesiology departments from different locations inside and outside of the United States. The desired outcome is an increased level of awareness and understanding of the position and the job requirements of a kinesiology administrator on the part of the mentee.

Engaged Scholar Program

NAKHE extends mentoring efforts into the area of scholarship with the Engaged Scholars Program (ESP). This program establishes mentoring and networking opportunities in the area of scholarship for tenured associate professors with the intention of supporting their career moves through the promotion process at their own institutions.

Hellison Interdisciplinary Research Grant

NAKHE funds collaborative interdisciplinary research with the intent of connecting kinesiology researchers and researchers from disparate areas together in meaningful applied research. Individual grants are funded up to $5000 each.