National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education

Engaged Scholar Program Recipients

Nhu Nguyen - Metropolitan University of Denver (2015) -- Mentor: Lynda Ransdell (Northern Arizona University)

Takahiro Sato - Kent State University (2015) -- Mentor: Sam Hodge (The Ohio State University)

Tyler Johnson - Boise State University (2015) -- Mentor: Scott Kretchmar (Pennsylvannia State University)

Susan Bertlesen - Metropolitan University of Denver (2016) – Mentor:  Chuck Corbin (Arizona State University)

Jody Langdon - Georgia Southern University (2017) -- Mentor: Brian Culp (Kennesaw State University)

Hal Wilson - Georgia Southern University (2020) -- Mentor: Douglas Hochstetler (James Madison University)

Kanae Haneishi, Associate Professor, Valley City State University (2022)

2023 Recipients

  • How C/UIPAP Offerings and Requirements at Historically Black Colleges and Universities Lead/Not Lead to Health Awareness and Engagement by Desmond Delk, Junior Scholar from Langston University with Brian Culp, Senior Scholar, Kennesaw State University

  • Athletic Buoyancy and Athletic Performance, Sport Specialization, Mental Wellbeing, and Family Dynamics in Young Athletes by Jackie Calhoun, Junior Scholar from Northwestern State University with Timothy Baghurst, Senior Scholar, Florida State University

  • Elite Travel Sports and the Family Unit by  Amanda Aguilar, Junior Scholar from East Texas Baptist University with Tara M. Tietjen-Smith, Senior Scholar,  Northwestern State University