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Leadership Institute Grant Recipients Announced

posted on Sep 17, 2022
The Leadership Institute is happy to announce the 2023 grant recipients.

The Leadership Institute is happy to announce the following grant recipients:

Hellison Interdisciplinary Research Grant Program

  • The Impact of Toxic Leadership on Intercollegiate Athletics Departments by Tara M. Tietjen-Smith, Northwestern State University and Haley Taitano, Northwestern State University
  • Female Leadership in Sport by Brad Strand, North Dakota State University and Sean Brotherson, North Dakota State University
  • Thirdspace Movement Model Interdisciplinary Research by Kanae Haneishi, Western Colorado University, Betty Block, Texas A&M University Commerce, Emilia Zarco, Adelphi University, María Esther Prados Megías, Universidad de Almería, Spain, and Marcus Johnson, Jarvis Christian College

Leader Mentor Program

  • Mentee: Tan Leng Goh, Central Connecticut State University and Mentor: Lynda Ransdell,Boise State University
  • Mentee: Robert A. Bennett III, Denison University and Mentor:Samuel R. Hodge, The Ohio State University

Engaged Scholar Program

  • How C/UIPAP Offerings and Requirements at Historically Black Colleges and Universities Lead/Not Lead to Health Awareness and Engagement by Desmond Delk, Junior Scholar from Langston University with Brian Culp, Senior Scholar, Kennesaw State University
  • Athletic Buoyancy and Athletic Performance, Sport Specialization, Mental Wellbeing, and Family Dynamics in Young Athletes by Jackie Calhoun, Junior Scholar from Northwestern State University with Timothy Baghurst, Senior Scholar, Florida State University
  • Elite Travel Sports and the Family Unit by Amanda Aguilar, Junior Scholar from East Texas Baptist University with Tara M. Tietjen-Smith, Senior Scholar,  Northwestern State University  

Congratulations to all of our program/grant recipients. Our best wishes for a fruitful academic year!

On behalf of the Leadership Institute and Program Coordinators,

Emilia Patricia Zarco, LI Chair
Jerono Rotich, HIRGP Coordinator
Jennifer Bunn, LMP Coordinator
Gayle Wells-Maddox, ESP Coordinator