National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education

Amy Morris Homans Lecture

Although untrained in physical education, Amy Morris Homans was one of the early leaders in the profession. Homans was educated in history, literature, and languages as a child. After serving as preceptress at the Oak Grove Seminary from 1867 to 1869, Homans spent the next eight years teaching as well as serving as principal of schools. In 1877, she accepted an executive secretary position with Mrs. Mary Hemenway, a wealthy Boston philanthropist. Influenced by Baron Niles Posse and intrigued by the benefits of exercise, Mrs. Hemenway funded the establishment of exercise programs in Boston Public Schools. In 1889, Hemenway opened the Boston Normal School of Gymnastics (NBSG) and appointed Homans the Director. During the autumn of 1889, the two women hosted the famous “Conference in the Interest of Physical Training.” Homans continued as Director and Professor at NBSG. With a curriculum heavily steeped in the sciences, Homans arranged for the courses to be taught at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). In 1909, Homans was successful in transferring NBSG to Wellesley College which was one of the first programs, in 1917, to offer a graduate program. Homans, who retired in 1919, was both feared and revered by students for her commitment to high standards of academics, physical skill, and personal, as well as, professional behavior. She was elected to the American Academy of Physical Education in the third Charter Fellowship Group as member number 12. The American Physical Education Association (APEA) recognized her leadership in 1931 by giving her the first Honor Award and Homan’s was also recognized as the founder of the Association of Directors of Physical Education for Women, which eventually become the National Association of Physical Education of College Women.

Amy Morris Homans Lecturers

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