National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education

Summer Leadership Development Workshop

Registration is closed. Details for the 2019 Summer Leadership Development Workshop will be posted when available.

The 2018 Summer Leadership Development Workshop (LDW) was held on the campus of Northern Arizona University in beautiful Flagstaff. A new format for the workshop included outdoor activity sessions and unconventional approaches to develop one’s own leadership style with the hope of taking those leadership lessons back to our home campuses.

Like previous LDWs, the 2018 workshop brought leaders together to brainstorm solutions to some of the complex problems facing higher education. Our work took place mostly outdoors utilizing a dynamic environment that allowed for opportunities to challenge ourselves and develop effective solutions to those challenges. As a component of understanding our ability to solve problems, we explored new brain research highlighting how we think better when we physically move, an interesting return to the “peripateo” concept of Plato and Aristotle. LDW attendees worked through group initiatives, hiking, geocaching, and enjoying the stunning scenery as we learned from colleagues across the country.