National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education

2021 Leader Development Workshop
Leading for Equity

July 8 - 9, 2021
12 pm - 5 pm EST via Zoom

The NAKHE Leader Development Workshop (LDW) aims to develop leaders of all ages, ranks, and titles by bringing together emerging and experienced leaders to participate in varied learning experiences and engage in insightful discussions on contemporary leadership issues in the field.

“Trust is not simply a dish in your leadership buffet. It is the table holding up the smorgasbord of talent demonstrated by your team every day” (Horsager, 2009, p. 12). Building trust and the capacity for organizational and individual success are profoundly and intimately connected with engaging across cultural groups. Events of the past 12 months have illuminated the interconnectedness of professional practices and the global and historical contexts in which they are embedded. Emerging from the global pandemic will require exceptional leaders who can build trust, maintain expectations for excellence, and respond to society’s dynamic needs.

This year, the NAKHE Leader Development Workshop theme will be “Leading for Equity.” Participants will engage in a series of activities and discussions to support the development of personal and institutional understandings of barriers to and opportunities for equity. Equity-focused leadership development activities will support participants in:

  • Increasing capacity to identify bias
  • Developing and rehearsing language to understand and support empowering equity-focused leadership
  • Developing positive intercultural relationships to support productive workgroups
  • Establishing strategies designed to address policies and practices that create, reinforce, or replicate oppression, exclusion, minoritization, and marginalization
  • Including the use of an equity lens for decision-making
  • Conducting data collection and analysis to expose inequities and establish metrics for continuous improvement
  • Informing strategic planning and targeted actions

NAKHE invites faculty, administrators, and doctoral students interested in moving into leadership roles to participate in the workshop.

Registration: Closed July 5, 2021


By June 1st, 2021

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Note: Non-members who register will be entitled to one year of NAKHE membership

 NAKHE DHCT/LDW Refund Policy: 

  • 90% refund for anyone whose cancellation request arrives prior to May 15
  • 50% refund for anyone whose cancellation request arrives between May 16 and July 1st.
  • 25% refund for anyone whose cancellation arrives between July 1stand July 7th
  • 0% refund for anyone whose cancellation request arrives after July 7, 2021

Workshop Schedule 

All sessions will be virtual from 1 - 5 pm EST via Zoom.

Contact Martie James or Desmond Delk for more information.