National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education

In Memory of Ruth Lindsey

On May 29, 2005 we lost a great leader and an outstanding advocate for healthy lifestyles, physical activity, and physical education. Ruth Lindsey was a long time member of NAPECW, and was the co-author of Concepts of Physical Fitness published in the first edition in 1970 and now in the 13th edition. She was also a co-author of Fundamental Concepts of Fitness and Wellness and Concepts of Fitness and Wellness, both best selling college texts and Fitness for Life, the first fitness text for high school physical education in the US. Ruth was a long time professor at Oklahoma State University and California State University-Long Beach. She was an innovator and expert in biomechanics, kinesiology, questionable exercises, exercise consumerism, and nutrition and physical activity. In addition to her contributions to the first five editions of Fitness for Life, she was the author of numerous other books including Concepts of Physical Fitness (13th ed.) that was first published in 1970 and Body Mechanics that was also published in multiple editions. Her students and co-authors will remember her for her command of her subject matter, her attention to detail, the red ink on papers and manuscripts, her concern for her profession, and her personal concern for each individual. Dr. Ruth Lindsey received her doctoral degree from the University of Indiana. She was a woman of principle and character. She will long be remembered for her contributions to our field and for being the kind and caring person that she was.