National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education

2022 Conference Evaluation Form

Please select the professional title that best represents your participation in NAKHE.
 Tenured Full Professor
 Tenured Associate Professor
 Tenure Track Associate Professor
 Tenure Track Assistant Professor
 Professional Track Instructor/Assistant/Associate Professor
 Graduate Student
 Retired or Emeritus
Please indicate the approximate number of NAKHE conferences you have attended in your career.
 This is my first NAKHE conference
Please indicate the average number of professional conferences you attend in a typical year.
 This is the only one I have ever attended
Did you attend the 2022 conference virtually or in person?
 Virtually    In Person    Both
What helped you decide to register for this year's conference?
Please check all that apply.
 A virtual option  
 An in person option  
 NAKHE Website  
 NAKHE Emails  
 Social media posts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn)  
 A colleague referred me  
 A mentor referred me  
 I had a presentation accepted  
What were the strengths of this year's conference from your perspective?
Please check all that apply.
 Virtual Presentations  
 In Person Presentations  
 Accommodations (hotel, location, food)  
 Featured Lectures (Homans, Hanna, Sargent, Praxis)  
 Informal Networking  
 Committee Meetings  
 Social Events  
 Business Meeting  
 Strategic Planning  
 New Member Activities  
 Graduate Poster Session  
Moving forward, do you think the NAKHE Conference should continue to include both virtual and in-person options?
Have you connected with NAKHE on social media?
Please check all that apply for your perspectives on the Leadership Development Workshop (LDW) that is traditionally held in July.
 I will only attend in 2022 if the event is virtual.  
 I will only attend in 2022 if the event is in person.  
 I have no interest in attending LDW.  
 I may be interested in LDW but need more information.  
 I would like to be involved in the planning and/or facilitating of the LDW.  
 I am not aware of what the LDW is or why I should attend.  
NAKHE is a member-driven organization, and therefore the participation of members is critical. Please indicate if you are interested in more information on participating in the following ways:
Please check all that apply.
 Now or in the future, I am interested in serving in an elected leadership position  
 Leadership Development Workshop  
 Department Head Certification Program  
 Leadership Mentor Program  
 Engaged Scholar  
 Social Justice, Cultural Diversity Committee  
 Social Media and Marketing Committee  
 Awards Committee  
 Bylaws Committee  
 Foundations Committee  
 Nominations and Elections Committee  
 Publications Committee  
 Special Committee on Coaching Education  
 Leadership Development Institute Planning Committee  
 Annual Conference Planning Committee (Currently Ad Hoc)  
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