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2021 NAKHE Conference Evaluation Form

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How many NAKHE conferences have you attended?
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Did you chose to come to this conference solely on the basis that it was virtual?
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Compared to other NAKHE conferences you have attended, this year's conference was the:
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Please rank the importance of these items (1-9, 1 being the most important and 9 being the least important) when considering whether you will attend the NAKHE 2022 Conference.

The New to NAKHE Social/Activity was valuable to me
 Yes, I found this valuable
 This was somewhat valuable
 No, I did not find this valuable
 I am a new member and was unaware that this existed
 I am not a new member

If we are able to have a traditional conference next year the cost of registration is closely aligned with how much NAKHE is charged by the hotel for the conference food.
Considering this, should food (appetizers or meals) be provided at each featured lecture/talk (Hanna, Homan’s, Sargent, & Keynote Speaker)?
 Strongly agree
 Neither agree nor disagree
 Strongly disagree
---------- Food and Beverages ----------
  Strongly agreeAgreeNeither agree nor disagreeDisagreeStrongly disagree
Food (snacks) should be provided during the morning session breaks.
Hot beverages (e.g., tea/coffee) should be provided during the morning session breaks
Food (snacks) should be provided during the afternoon session breaks.
Hot beverages (e.g., tea/coffee) should be provided during the afternoon session breaks.
The Friday is often a very long day. Therefore, we are thinking of finishing earlier on Friday (e.g., 3:30 pm) so you can explore Phoenix or participate in a group activity. Would you be in favor of:
 An early finish on Friday with the normal 8 am – 2 pm session on Saturday?
 Two and a half longer days (Wednesday – Friday) finishing the conference Friday night and leaving Saturday to explore?
 An early finish on Thursday and Friday and an 8 am - 5 pm session on Saturday?

For the 2021 conference, we kept the deadline for proposals to August 1, with NO extensions. This assisted with conference planning. Will an August 1 proposal deadline negatively impact your attendance at next year’s conference?
 Yes    No

Did you find the Whova app useful for this year’s conference?
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How often did you use the Whova app to engage with conference goers?
 Very often
 No opinion
 Not very often
 Not at all
 I didn't download it
A proposed conference theme is: Embrace the Future: Activating Your Audience During Trying Times. Do you like this theme?
 Suggest another theme:
Areas of interest for the 2022 conference include: Activating Active and Passive Learners, Advocating Via Virtual Formats, Leading During Trying Times, Transformation Justice (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion), IPAP, Coaching and a General Area.


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Was the information presented on these platforms useful during the conference?
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