Opportunities in Physical Education and Related Areas (OPERA) is a professional job posting service offered by NAKHE. Scroll through the recent postings to browse current job openings at higher education institutions. We wish you luck in your search!

If you would like to post a job advertisement, follow these steps:

  • Send your job advertisement to Donna Woolard and Carrie Sampson Moore in PDF or Microsoft Word format. Please include the following information:
    • Name of NAKHE member at your institution
    • Institution
    • Department
    • Position, Faculty Rank
    • Summary, Application Deadline/Screen Date, Position Start Date:
  • Posting on OPERA is now free for NAKHE members!
  • Your job advertisement should be posted within one week.

Recent Job Postings

Academic Professional Ast Professor in Kinesiology- UNCG

  • Posted Oct. 13, 2017

Assistant Professor of PETE- Winthrop Univ. 

  • Posted Oct. 4, 2017

Assistant Professor from Social/Psychology of Sport and Wellness- Missouri State Univ.

  • Posted Sept. 14, 2017

Assistant Professor- Ex. Science & Movement Science- Missouri State Univ.

  • Posted Sept. 14, 2017

Associate/Full Professor in Kinesiology- UNCG

  • Posted Sept. 11, 2017

Program Coordinator, Physical Education Program- UNLV

  • Posted July 3, 2017

Assistant Professor of Exercise Science- Neuroscience- Auburn Univ.

  • Posted July 3, 2017

3 Limited-Term Lecturers- Georgia Southern University

  • Posted June 2, 2017

Research Associate (Post-Doctoral Fellow)- Univ. of Northern Colorado

  • Posted May 26, 2017

Pre-Doctoral Research Opportunities (4)- Arizona State University

  • Posted Feb. 21, 2017

Chair of the Dept. of Human Sciences- Ohio State University

  • Posted Feb. 21, 2017

Pre-Doctoral Research Opportunity- Arizona State University

  • Posted Feb. 4, 2017

Full-Time Lecturer in Sport Psychology/Sociology of Physical Activity- Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

  • Posted Feb. 4, 2017

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