Greetings to my NAKHE family, I am honored to serve as your president for the next couple of years. The potential of the membership to impact our profession is limitless. By tapping into our collective talents, we can move this organization forward to serve all Kinesiologists in Higher Education. After all, we are the only organization that truly focuses on creating and sustaining professionals who are both scholars and leaders.

One initiative that merits our particular attention is the growth of the membership. The new members’ luncheon, initiated by Jimmie Ishee in Florida, was a wonderful start. Last January, I met many young and aspiring professionals at this luncheon. Their enthusiasm was contagious and the sharing of NAKHE’s history was beneficial for all. However, we need to focus on inviting more of our colleagues to attend our conferences and actively participate in NAKHE. One of our newest groups, the instructional physical activity program coordinators and directors who serve the general student population, was a great addition to our last conference. Our interdisciplinary focus not only strengthens us by providing different viewpoints but it also keeps us open to other possibilities.

A special thank you is extended to our committee chairs and committee members. NAKHE is a committee-run organization and we live and die by the work of these special individuals. If you are not involved in a committee at present, please contact me because I am starting on a list for next year.

I would like to enlist your help by asking you to identify young doctorates in your Kinesiology program. These individuals, who received degrees from 2010 to the present, would be possible voluntary participants in a study that examines their perspectives about their doctoral training (UVA IRB 2014-0320-00). If you would be so kind as to send me their names and email addresses, I will contact them and seek their consent to fill out a survey. My email is . The documentation and improvement of doctoral programs/ study has been a research interest of mine for almost 20 years.

As always I rely on you, my colleagues to help lead NAKHE. Together we make this organization strong and vital.

NAKHE President Ann Boyce