June 15 is the deadline to RSVP for the 2015 NAKHE Leadership Development Workshop to be held July 9-10.

RSVP to LDW The NAKHE Leader Development Workshop (LDW) focuses on providing opportunities for kinesiology faculty - especially those beginning their careers - to discuss leadership in the field by working on common problems with some of kinesiology’s senior leaders and administrators.   NAKHE invites faculty, administrators, and doctoral students who are interested in moving into leader roles to attend the 6th NAKHE Workshop to be held July 9-10 at Georgia State University in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Contact Betty Block at betty.block@tamuc.edu for details.

The 2015 LDW will focus on Politics and the Kinesiology Leader, and the four session to be discussed are:
  • Big P vs. Little P: What leaders should know about the political process
  • Faculty Politics: Turning around the culture of faculty politics:  junior v. senior faculty, tenure/promotion, department politics
  • University Politics: Inserting ourselves into policy-making:  intercollegiate athletics, faculty senate, and unions
  • Lobbying Constituencies: Political activism to get things done

2015 LDW Program (Link removed 1/24/2018)
Contact Steve Estes or Betty Block for more information.