2016 NAKHE Election

Candidates for Vice President-Elect

Ken Bias     Lynda Ransdell

Candidates for Secretary

 Beth Hersman     Cara Sidman

This year NAKHE membership will elect a vice-president elect and secretary. The candidates for vice president-elect are Ken Bias and Lynda Ransdell. The candidates for secretary are Beth Hersman and Cara Sidman.  (Click on the candidate's name  to review his/her curriculum vita.)

The election will run Thursday, September 1 through Saturday, October 15. An email with a link will be emailed to all current NAKHE members directly from a secure online voting software called “electionbuddy”. electionbuddy uses SSL 256 bit encryption — the same as major banks. All votes are confidential and cannot be seen by others. So, please be on the lookout  for an email from electionbuddy Elections [elections@electionbuddy.com] and cast your vote! Your opinion matters!