On May 31, President Betty Block formed a Special Committee on Member Information Management Policy. Her charge to the committee was to “create a policy that protects member information, outlines the manner in which member information is protected, and guidelines for members who want the option of receiving information from outside agencies and academic institutions.” President Block asked Samuel Hodge, James Sweet, Laura Sweet and Donna Woolard (chair) to serve on the special committee. On June 29, the committee submitted its report and recommendations to President Block who subsequently forwarded the report to the board of directors.  

The committee made three recommendations.

  1. Delete Bylaw II.8.5
  2. Adopt a privacy policy
  3. Adopt a Member Information Management Policy

Implementing these recommendations will require that the membership votes to amend the bylaws. The special committee’s report is posted on the NAKHE website. Please read and review the report so you are ready to discuss and vote on the bylaws amendment and policy adoptions during the business meeting at the Annual NAKHE Conference in January.