The 2015 NAKHE Leader Development Workshop that took place July 9, 10 at Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA was a success attracting 29 members. Betty Block coordinated the workshop with inspiring speakers including Gayle Wells, Gary Liguori, Martha James-Hassan, Kacey DiGiacinto, Brian Culp and Steve Estes. This year’s workshop focused on the politics of higher education kinesiology leadership.

Political Activism and the Kinesiology Leader

  • Big P vs. Little P: What leaders should know about the political process
  • Faculty Politics: Turning around the culture of faculty politics:  junior v. senior faculty, tenure/promotion, department politics
  • University Politics: Inserting ourselves into policy-making:  intercollegiate athletics, faculty senate, and unions
  • Lobbying Constituencies: Political activism to get things done
  • Association Politics and NAKHE: NAKHE’s strategic plan and moving forward politically as an association