2018 Summer Leadership Development Workshop
July 11-13, 2018
Flagstaff, Arizona

Registration is closed. Details for the 2019 Summer Leadership Development Workshop will be posted when available.

Early registration ends June 10.
Member Registration – $50.00
Nonmember Registration – $150.00
Late registration June 11-July 11.
Member Late registration – $75.00
Nonmember Late registration – $175.00

  • All NAKHE members are welcome to attend – membership in NAKHE covers most of the cost of the LDW. This year a fee is charged to pay for access to NAU’s outdoor leadership reaction course and the ropes course.
  • Registration includes breakfast on Thursday and Friday, and a box lunch at the Leader Course on the NAU campus.
Transportation to/from Flagstaff:  The program begins with a social on Wednesday evening, 11 July, so you should arrange transportation to Flagstaff that will get you there by the time of the evening social.  The LDW ends at noon on Friday, 13 July. Shuttle info can be found at https://www.arizonashuttle.com/cities/flagstaff/, and the price is $48 one way.  Several LDW participants are flying to Phoenix and renting cars, so we recommend coordinating transportation with colleagues. Flights to Phoenix are less expensive than into Flagstaff; there are direct flights on American Airlines into Flagstaff.
Local Maps:

Housing:  We are staying at the Comfort Inn in Flagstaff, (2355 S Beulah Blvd, Flagstaff, AZ, US, 86001; ReservationDesk.com: 844-227-2387) adjacent to the university and the outdoor facility.  We have a room block for 10-14 July, although most of you will be staying just the two nights (July 11/12, checking out Friday morning).  Rate is $119 + tax; for those staying Friday night the rate is $189.  Phone 928.774.2225 to make your reservation, and say you are with the NAKHE group arriving on 10 or 11 July.  Ask for Mike if you have issues. Room block released June 30, 2018.

Weather:  Mid-80s, but will often rain 2:30-3:00 (Monsoon Season), and will cool off to a very pleasant mid-50s so bring your sweat shirt!

Program:  The LDW kicks off on Wednesday evening, 11 July, at a social.  Thursday, 12 July will be spent at NAU’s leader reaction course and ropes course. This year’s program will be run by Vanessa Fiaud (West Texas State), Tom Watterson and Gayle Wells (Western Carolina).  Also attending will be the second cohort of the Department Head Certification Program. The 2018 LDW Program can be viewed here

Questions: Contact Steve Estes at steven.estes@mtsu.edu, phone 615.898.2906.

What We Do

The NAKHE Leadership Institute fosters, promotes, and sustains mentoring and networking opportunities for professionals in higher education. We are committed to creating developmental leader training and professional growth opportunities for our members at every level. So whether you are a seasoned professional researcher, a new or senior administrator, or assistant professor seeking tenure and promotion, we have a program for you!

This year’s Leadership Development Workshop (LDW) will take place on the campus of Northern Arizona University in beautiful Flagstaff.  A new format of the workshop, including outdoor activity sessions, will allow for unconventional approaches to develop one’s own leadership style with the hope of taking those leadership lessons back to our home campuses. 

Like previous LDWs, this year’s workshop will bring leaders together to brainstorm solutions to some of the complex problems facing higher education.  Our work will take place mostly outdoors utilizing a dynamic environment that will allow for opportunities to challenge ourselves and develop effective solutions to those challenges.  As a component of understanding our ability to solve problems, we will be exploring new brain research highlighting how we think better when we physically move, an interesting return to the “peripateo” concept of Plato and Aristotle.  We will be working through group initiatives, hiking, geocaching, and enjoying the stunning scenery as we are talking and learning from colleagues across the country.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to to develop teamwork and leadership skills in the great outdoors surrounded by the stunning scenery of Flagstaff, Arizona. At the foot of the dormant volcano that is Mt. Elden, Flagstaff is at an elevation of 6,910 feet. Daily high temperatures in July range from a non-humid, comfortable 81°F to 79°F and rarely falls below 72°F or exceed 88°F. The chance that a given day will be muggy in Flagstaff is essentially zero!

Program leaders: Lynda Ransdell, Vanessa Fiaud, and Gayle Wells

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Leadership Mentor Program
Engaged Scholar Program
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Department Head Certification Training

  • The program is designed to give interested or new department heads an opportunity to acquire the skills used in as a department administrator. Included in the DHCT are the following:
    • 360 degree evaluation, self-assessments and goal identification
    • Face-to-face training facilitated by professional administrators preceding LDW
    • Mentor/protégé relationship
    • NAKHE Administrator Forum and Resource Library
    • NAKHE administrator panel session at the annual conference
    • Certificate of Completion
  • Cost: Fee of $120 (members)/$250 (nonmembers) is due before commencement of 360 degree evaluation. Participation is limited to 10, and applications submitted by NAKHE members will be given preference.  Fee will be paid online via PayPal on the NAKHE portal.
  • Deadline: Applications are due by March 15, 2018.
  • Timeline: Review of applications for the Higher Education Kinesiology Department Head Certification begins March 15th, 2018.  Notification of acceptance will be made by May 1st, 2018.
  • Download the 2018-2019 Department Head Training Application Form
  • Requests for information and completed applications should be sent electronically to:
    Lynda Ransdell, PhD
    College of Health and Human Services
    Northern Arizona University
    208 E. Pine Knoll Dr.
    PO Box 15015
    Flagstaff, Az 86011
    Phone:  928.523.4331
    Email:  lynda.Ransdell@nau.edu
  • Share the 2018 Department Head Leadership Training Poster with a Friend!
  • Leadership Institute Viewbook (2016): The Viewbook and the provides a closer look at the programs that are available through the NAKHE Leadership Institute!

Leadership Mentor Program

Requests for information and applications should be sent to Jesse Germain at jesse.germain@usma.edu. Applications are due by March 15 of 2019.

  • The NAKHE Leadership Mentor Program (LMP) is designed to bring together members of the kinesiology community for a one-week “shadow” experience to build future leaders through hands-on mentoring and real-world scenarios. The program is also designed to build networking and social communication between university kinesiology departments from different locations inside and outside of the United States. The suggested format for the LMP experience is a one-week (five day) visit by an aspiring kinesiology administrator to the campus of an experienced kinesiology administrator (department chair or higher-level university administrator). The desired outcome is an increased level of awareness and understanding of the position and the job requirements of a kinesiology administrator on the part of the mentee.
  • Mentee Requirements: The mentee should be a full-time faculty member at a university in a kinesiology department with a rank no higher than associate professor. The mentee may not be, nor have ever been a chair, dean or other administrative position. The mentee should have aspirations of becoming a university administrator as a career goal. The mentee is responsible for any additional costs outside the 5 days of travel, or for upgrades to housing, as well as for their own food.
  • Mentor Requirements: The requirements for a mentor include a minimum of 5 years of experience as a chair, dean or higher-level administrator. The mentor is responsible for securing campus approval and locating reasonable housing for the mentee. This may come in the form of University housing, or a hotel (the mentee has the option of not using this, but would be responsible for any additional costs). Additionally, the mentor agrees to coordinate transportation, university agendas, and any other logistical needs of the mentee.
  • Deadline: Applications are due by March 15 of 2019.
  • Application Process: Those wishing to be a mentor or mentee need to apply to the NAKHE Leader Mentor Task Force for approval. The mentee will travel to the mentor’s University and spend five days (suggested Monday through Friday) working with the mentor. All meetings and events that are attended by the mentor will be made available to the mentee (save for any that may be inappropriate – personnel meetings, etc.; alternative experiences will be arranged by the mentor). The intent is that the mentee will participate in all of the experiences of the mentor, side-by-side, whenever possible.
  • Logistics: Prior to submission of the application, the mentor should have secured university approval to provide access to campus meetings. The mentor and mentee should have agreed upon travel dates, location and housing prior to submitting an application.  (NOTE: applications do not guarantee funding. Do not to make travel arrangements until AFTER the award is received.)
  • Pairings: It is recommended that mentor/mentee pairs apply to the LMP together. However, some NAKHE members may not have a mentor in mind. NAKHE will attempt to pair the mentee with a willing mentor if requested. Suggestions will be sent to the pair, who will then apply for the award together.
  • Grant Amounts: The award shall be granted as one award to two individuals (mentee and mentor). The total amount awarded for the grant is $1500, the majority of which will fund the travel and housing costs for the mentee. Funds not used for travel or housing can be used as additional stipends. Only 2 grants may be awarded in a given year. Suggested budget guidelines are below; reimbursement to the mentee will be provided by the NAKHE Executive Director up to the limit of $1,500.

    Travel     mentee:     $350     mentor:     $50
    Housing    mentee:     $600     mentor:     $0
    Stipend    mentee:     $200     mentor:     $300
                           $1150                $350
  • Exit Requirements: Upon receiving the award, the mentor and mentee agree to the following:
    1. Adherence to all NAKHE procedures specified in the LMP, including timeframes and meeting procedures.
    2. Providing a presentation at the next annual conference about the experience.
    3. Will submit an editor-reviewed, co-authored manuscript to the The International Journal of Kinesiology in Higher Education within one year of the experience.
  • LMP Task Force: The LMP Task Force shall consist of the current President, Vice-President, Executive Director and two members appointed by the current President.  The two members appointed by the President shall meet the requirements of a mentor, and will not be eligible for the award in the same year that they serve on the committee. The LMP Task Force will oversee the application process and will provide notification to the mentoring dyad and to their respective universities.
  • Past Leadership Mentor Program Recipients

Engaged Scholar Program

Requests for information and applications should be sent to Tyler Johnson at tylerjohnson6@boisestate.edu. Review of applications for the Engaged Scholar Program begins April 15th.

  • NAKHE extends mentoring efforts into the area of scholarship with the Engaged Scholars Program (ESP). This program establishes mentoring and networking opportunities in the area of scholarship for tenured associate professors with the intention of supporting their career moves through the promotion process at their own institutions. The ESP will provide financial support for NAKHE members to collaborate in scholarly endeavors with established senior scholars. The intent of the ESP is to encourage those recently tenured/promoted to continue their professional development efforts and move forward to the rank of professor in collaboration with a preferred mentor/senior scholar recruited from NAKHE membership. Financial support is provided from the NAKHE Foundation.
  • Eligibility – Engaged Scholar Status
    • Must be a current NAKHE member
    • Must hold the rank of associate professor
    • Must be an active scholar with a demonstrated area of scholarship
      • Provide a current curriculum vita including information regarding current academic rank status;
      • Provide most recent scholarly endeavors (publications and presentations within the past 5 years);
      • Provide a statement of a research interest area (1 paragraph);
      • Nominate a NAKHE senior mentor (rank of professor) OR request a mentor from the ESP selection task force; and
      • Provide a possible research project (1 paragraph)
    • Must be available to collaborate with a senior scholar over a 12 month period on a joint research project
    • Assume responsibility for the production of tangible scholarly products (presentations and publications)
    • Must meet all required deadlines
  • Eligibility – Senior Scholar Status
    • Must be a current NAKHE member
    • Must be an established scholar in a subdiscipline of kinesiology
    • Must be available to collaborate with the selected Engaged Scholar on a specified research project with the intent of establishing a joint research project over a 12 month period
    • Provide a current curriculum vita
  • Engaged Scholar Program Process
    • Awards of $1,000 will be available to support the work of the ESP mentoring dyad. The intent of the program is for the engaged scholar to nominate a senior NAKHE colleague to serve as a mentor. Faculty seeking to be an Engaged Scholar who are seeking a senior partner are also welcome to apply. Multiple ESP dyads will be supported each year. The selection of ESP dyads will be made by a selection task force established by the NAKHE President. The task force will be comprised of NAKHE members who have served in leadership capacities (elected officer, committee chair, sub-committee chair, editor, etc.).
    • Once selected, the ESP dyads will collaborate for a period of up to twelve months with the intent of completing a scholarly product. The products of the collaboration should be disseminated through scholarly presentations at NAKHE conferences and in NAKHE publications – as well as other possible outlets.
  • Deadlines
    • Review of applications for the Engaged Scholar Program begins April 15th.
    • Notification of financial awards and ESP dyad couplings will be made by June 1st.
    • ESP Dyads begin collaborations in June immediately after notification of the $1,000 award.
    • The ESP dyads will present update sessions in January of the next year (7 months after award date).
    • Final project presentations will be scheduled for the annual conference 18 months after award date.
  • Requests for information and applications should be sent to:
    Tyler G. Johnson, PhD, Professor
    Professor, Department of Kinesiology
    Boise State University
    1910 University Drive
    Boise, ID 83725-1710
    208.426.5870 Office
  • Download the Engaged Scholar Application Form
  • Past Engaged Scholar Recipients

Hellison Interdisciplinary Research Grant

  • Guidelines: The National Association for Kinesiology in Higher Education Hellison Interdisciplinary Research Grant Program (IRGP) is administered through the Board of Directors and is designed to fund collaborative interdisciplinary research with the intent of connecting kinesiology researchers and researchers from disparate areas together in meaningful applied research. Individual grants will be funded up to $5000 each.
  • Purpose: The IRGP administrators are calling for ORIGINAL INTERDISCIPLINARY RESEARCH proposals from collaborative researchers whose primary line of research is published either inside the field of kinesiology as sub-disciplines or kinesiology researchers collaborating with researchers outside the field of kinesiology.
  • Selection Committee:
    • The selection of grant recipients will be made by a committee of scholars who have shown themselves to support the Boyer model of scholarship, specifically applied with and impact of scholarship. The committee chair and membership will be appointed by the president of NAKHE for three-year appointments and approved by the BoD.  The committee should be made up of 5-7 members, including the chair.  The first committee will be made on a rotation basis, 1-3 year terms. The selection process will be anonymous, similar to submitting manuscripts for Quest.
    • Funding will not support travel for think tank initiatives. Instead, it will be used to support equipment and travel for completion of the proposed project.
  • Principal Investigator:
    • Has been a member of NAKHE for at least one full year at the time of application.
    • Is at least an associate professor in the field of kinesiology (or related field) or, if not promoted in rank, has established a strong research background.  Any faculty member may apply but membership in NAKHE prior to and during the grant period is required, similar to forwarding in manuscripts for Quest.  No preference will be given to young scholars nor mature researchers.
    • Has demonstrated research capabilities and focus as evidenced by presenting research and publishing papers in professional journals.
    • Must be on the faculty of the university where the research is to be performed.
    • Must be willing to attend the NAKHE annual conference to present research findings at the conclusion of the study (principal or collaborative investigator).
  • Collaborating Investigator:
    • If at a university, is at least an assistant professor in a sub-discipline or field that is different from the principal investigator.
    • If at an agency, corporation, or institute, is at least a program coordinator with a master’s degree or has a record of innovation and experience.
    • Has documented research capabilities.
    • Must be willing to attend the NAKHE annual conference to present research findings at the conclusion of the study.
  • Grantee Requirements;
    • Application Procedures include:
      • A summary description of the project (1/2 page);
      • List of the project coordinators, and their specialty areas (1/4 page)
      • A statement describing the manner in which the project is interdisciplinary (1/2 page);
      • The anticipated impact on the profession, community or society (1/2 page).
      • A detailed budget, (1 page).
      • CV of the applicant(s).
    • All grants are made payable to the principal investigator’s university/institution.  All such universities/institutions must have an established Institutional Review Board and a Grants/Contracts office or other office accountable for financial tracking and reporting.
    • IRB approval and informed consent for human subjects documentation must be submitted to the IRGP administrators for grant awardees prior to release of funds from NAKHE.
    • A progress report will be required in addition to a final written report including budget and a lay summary of findings for NAKHE’s use in promoting the program and its recipients.
    • All unexpended funds must be returned to NAKHE in full within 60 days of the final written report.
    • Principal Investigators must assume personal responsibility for the proposal, execution of the research plan, and presentation of the results at the NAKHE national conference.
    • NAKHE will not require grantees to sign over intellectual property or copyright to NAKHE for any publications, projects that result from receiving this grant.
    • Projects are to be completed within two years unless approved by the selection committee.
    • All written documents including publications and presentation materials, and print electronic communications that result from successful funding of the application must include the following or similar statement: “This work was supported by funds received from the NAKHE Interdisciplinary Research Grant Program.”