2017 NAKHE National Conference

January 4-7, 2017

Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort
Bonnet Creek

Theme: “Power of the Past: Focus on the Future”

New Deadline for Proposal Submission: October 15, 2016

To propose a program for the 2017 NAKHE Conference, please provide the following information. 
If you have any questions, please contact Tara Tietjen-Smith (tara.tietjen-smith@tamuc.edu), the conference planner.

A 500 word (max) summary of your proposed program.
A statement of significance describing the professional impact associated with your proposal and how it fits into the overall theme.
Briefly describe what strategies you plan to use (i.e. technologies, interaction, etc. to foster collegial discussion and critical thinking about the theme you will address).

*The theme of this year’s conference focuses on how to prepare for the future of higher education in relation to technology and innovation, diversity and social justice, and trends and future forecasts. Your submission should relate to kinesiology in higher education*: 

Your proposal should address the following program tracks, related to kinesiology in higher education: (Please check appropriate box below.)
Strand 1: Technology and Innovation
Strand 1 topics might include… Current and future technology used in higher education kinesiology. Technological innovations for educating the next generation. Creative teaching techniques. Interdisciplinary focus. How technology will shape learning in kinesiology. Hot apps/programs/other tools. Innovative strategies.
Strand 2: Diversity and Social Justice
Strand 2 topics might include… Diversity challenges and solutions. College access and success. Recruiting and retaining a diverse faculty. Disability resources and personalized adaptive learning. Challenges facing women and minorities as faculty and scholars.
Strand 3: Trends
Strand 3 topics might include… Effect of globalization on universities and kinesiology departments. Entrepreneurship. Changing face of service learning. Learning analytics. Competency-based education. Curricular optimization. Articulation agreements. Predicting the future of higher education kinesiology and its sub-disciplines. Community and interdisciplinary partnerships.
(There is some flexibility within these topics, please choose the theme that best fits your proposal.)

Please select one.
Speaker Contact Information
Be sure to include your self if you are a speaker.

Please note: Only speakers who register for the conference will be cited in the Conference Program.

Please enter the name and affiliation of each speaker. Please place each speaker on a separate line.

Due to the location of this year’s conference and our desire to provide time for you to explore Orlando, presentations will include a 20 minute presentation and 5 minute question/answer session. During the conference, presentations will be grouped in threes with other related presentations for a total of 90 minutes.

Note: Doctoral students can submit a presentation on a different topic for the conference. Please use another form for any additional submissions.

Please note that it is possible that your presentation format may be changed to meet conference needs.

Review Process & Notification
Proposals will be reviewed and selected in a peer-review process. Notices for proposal acceptance or rejection will be distributed via email in early November. Due to the number of proposals being reviewed, it is imperative that you submit proposals that are clear and representative of the theme for the conference for full and timely consideration.

Note on technology provided and poster standards
Each presentation room is slated to have WIFI capability, along with a projector, microphone and laptop. However, it is advised that you be prepared in the event that there are issues. Particularly in respect to presentations that involve music and media, it is advised that you have a backup presentation on your computer/laptop/tablet. Poster presentations should be visible from a distance of 4-5 feet away and adherent to a 36” X 48” size. Please be sure that graphics, charts, words etc are legible. You are allowed to provide handouts if you desire. If there are questions regarding this or other requests, please contact Tara Tietjen-Smith (tara.tietjen-smith@tamuc.edu), the conference planner.

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