Progress Report
(April 7th, 2006)

Report #:4.05

Name of Office/Committee: Vice-President Elect

Person Submitting Report: Carolyn M. Mauck

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

Met with the Future Directions Committee at the NAKPEHE Conference in San Diego, CA. Discussed agenda and format of Summer meeting. Plans to brainstorm with members regarding possible themes for NAKPEHE 2008, prior to the Summer FDC meeting.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

It was suggested that in light of our association's future, that the leadership for 2007 and 2008 work to implement a smooth transition and possible restructuring of the NAKPEHE Conference. How to integrate/ run concurrent Administrators Conference and NAKPEHE conference by developing a framework in order to accommodate the needs of NAKPEHE members and conference attendees. This could be accomplished by the collaboration between current President & Vice President and the President Elect & Vice President Elect.

Action Required by Board:

Budget Implications: