Mid-year Report
April 16, 2006

Report #: 6.10

Name of Office/Committee: Technology Committee

Person Submitting Report: Gordon Schmidt, Carol Wood

Progress Report/Tasks Completed

The Technology committee meeting was held at the NAKEPE meeting in San Diego on January 6, 2006. The committee meeting focused on the charges set forth by the Executive Council for 2006.

At the Board of Directors meeting, a motion was approved to include the Webmaster as an ex-officio member of the committee. This will be incorporated into the bylaws at the next meeting of the BOD in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Major issues of concern to the committee are the NAKPEHE website, the webmaster, links to other agencies, on-line membership, renewals and conference registration, and conference technology support. The NAKPEHE website has been fully updated by current President Mel Finkenberg. A counter has been added to the website that can be used to track the number of 'hits.' As of April 15, 2006, there have been 20,405 hits. There are main links with Quest, the annual conference, the Chronicle and OPERA.

Joanne Margaret Hynes-Hunter has written specifications for an advertisement for a webmaster. This could be developed once the list-serve has been activated.

Online membership renewals and online conference registration are proposed. Robert McKethan has worked with President Mel Finkenberg to present a proposal at the mid-year meeting at the AAHPERD conference in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Jeff Briggs has been investing the membership directory and proposed that it could be developed into a list-serv. One difficulty discussed by the committee was whose server would house the membership. If one person is responsible, but leaves the employment of a specific university, migrating the membership list to a new server could be problematic.

The committee has discussed conducting online elections. This has yet to be developed into a proposal. Further development is needed with the Elections and the Membership committees.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

1. Begin the application process for the NAKPEHE webmaster.
2. Approve a third party company that will accept payment of online membership renewals, prepayment and in-person conference registration. 
3. Assist in the development of a list-serv for members.
4. Work with the Elections committee to develop online elections and the Membership committee to develop member contact information.

Action Required by the Board:

Propose that membership applications and dues be paid on-line through a third party collection agency. Conference registration and subscriptions could be included in the third party agency's responsibilities.

Budget Implications:

A third party collection agency would charge fees for conference registration and online membership services.

Committee membership:
Gordon Schmidt (Co-Chair)
Carol Wood (Co-Chair)
Jeff Briggs
Rachel Gurvitch
Joanne Margaret Hynes-Hunter
Robert McKethan

The following motions were approved at the January 7, 2006 annual meeting in San Diego, CA.:
Motion # 1: "The Technology and Elections and Nominations Committees investigate the possibility of conducting elections on-line."
Motion #2: "The Technology Committee develop an application process, selection criteria and evaluation procedures for the NAKPEHE webmaster."
Motion # 6: "The Technology Committee investigate the on-line payment for conference fees and membership registration." 
Motion # 7: "The NAKPEHE webmaster is an ex-officio member of the Technology Committee and reflected in the Operating Code."