AAHPHERD Board Meeting-April 2006

Report # 7.09

Name of Office/Committee: Social Justice/Cultural Diversity

Person Submitting Report: Anna Marie Frank

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

The committee met at the January 2006 NAKPEHE conference and discussed ongoing and proposed future activities for the 2006 fiscal year.

  • The SJCD Membership Survey Project was completed in October. Findings were presented at the January 2006 Administrator's Pre-Conference (by Sam Hodge & Anna Marie Frank) and within the general session ( by Kathy Davis, Betty Jones & Joe Burden).
  • The manuscript of the survey findings was written collectively by the committee and submitted to the Chronicle of Kinesiology and Physical Education in Higher Education for consideration. It was accepted and will appear in the Political Window of the May issue.
  • An additional manuscript was prepared by members of the committee for submission to QUEST. Dr. Cornel Morton was invited to include the faculty recommendation he presented within the key note address at the January 2006 NAKPEHE conference in this manuscript. Dr. Morton agreed and we anticipate submission to QUEST with Dr. Morton's recommendations by May 1st.
  • The SJCD committee agreed to provide the NAKPEHE administration with a diversity plan. This plan will be based on existing plans from IUPUI, Ohio State and DePaul University. We would like to submit a draft for consideration by July 1.
  • Clarification of membership is continuing. As Anna Marie Frank will be finishing her term as Chair, Dr. Sam Hodge has already agree to Chair the committee beginning January 2007. Two new members were added to the committee, which presents a problem with the number of individuals on the committee as well as member selection.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

The idea of a SJCD "reader" is still considered a valid project, however the committee is considering if this should be an electronic link from the NAKEPEHE website or hard copy.

Action Required by Board: Questions regarding membership on the SJCD committee need to be discussed by the board.

Budget Implications: none