Progress Report
April 2006

Report #: 6.08

Name of Office/Committee: Public Affairs

Person Submitting Report: Anne Stewart

Progress Report/Tasks Completed: 

Mel Finkenberg contacted all members of PE/KIN departments in the State of Florida and all non-NAKPEHE members who are in the AAKPE with personal invitations to attend the conference.

Anne Stewart has written letters to the Governor of Florida and the Mayor of Clearwater Beach requesting letters of welcome to be included in our conference program.

Contact information for local TV/ Radio stations and the newspaper have been collected. Press releases will be prepared and distributed when we know the names of award recipients and speakers.

A conference presentation proposal regarding press about people/ programs in NAKPEHE's related fields is being prepared with focus on Leadership for the Future Š. Preparation for the Professions and Meeting Society's Needs.

A consolidated display board of conference attendees/ officers/ awardees is being prepared for display in Florida.

A committee member will assist the Membership Committee at the NAKPEHE Booth - AAHPERD Convention.

A committee member is ready to support and distribute position papers developed by the Future Directions Committee.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee - suggestions are welcome

Action Required by Board: none at this time

Budget Implications: none at this time