Progress Report
March 28, 2006

Report #:4.02

Name of Office/Committee: Past President

Person Submitting Report: Ginny Overdorf

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

Sent out thank yous to various folks who spoke at the conference
Helped get the sponsorship money into the executive secretary
Have been in communication with the executive committee
Had keynote plaques re-engraved and sent them out
Have been in communication with Gloria Robbins for the 2009 conference
Have visited three sites in FL to be considered for the 2009 conference

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee:

The Board should think seriously about having the past president or an extended committee visit the various sites suggested for future conferences; seeing the sites makes recommendations to the Board much easier.

Action Required by Board:
Choose among the 4 recommended sites for the 2009 conference 

Budget Implications:

None immediately, but if the suggestion above is implemented, it would have implications for the future.