Progress Report
April 13, 2006

Report #: 6.06

Name of Office/Committee: Membership

Person Submitting Report: R.R. Apache

Progress report/Tasks Completed:
At our Membership Committee meeting we discussed the ideas and issues presented to us by the Board, former Committee Chair (Gloria Napper-Owen), and suggestions from members. From these we formulated the following areas that potentially could be addressed by the present committee.

1) Continue to work on 2004-05 plan to reach more members in the field with an emphasis on
Faculty members in the region of the 2007 conference
Increasing attendance at annual conference
2) Consider/develop membership initiatives that might draw new members in conjunction with the
Public Affairs Committee.
3) In conjunction with Social Justice/Cultural Diversity Committee, develop ways to further
diversify NAKPEHE's membership.
4) Update and complete a Leadership Directory of K-PE Programs nationally so that Steve Estes
may place on the organization's website. (this may have been completed, will verify status)
5) Develop a system to get conference calls out to sub-discipline organizations (i.e., ACSM, ATA,
6) Add more committee members
7) Develop a means to connect faculty members with their graduate students at the conferences, to 
bring them to the conference.
8) Develop ideas for prizes for faculty members who bring the most graduate students.
9) Find ways to use the internet to offer web discussions, Webinars, and dissemination of services
and benefits. This is a great way to connect with the Technology Committee to possible find
ways to enhance membership.
10) Develop a procedure to have members of NAKPEHE write and contribute to position papers.
Another way to connect with other committees.
11) Survey faculty across the nation and our membership on which conferences they go to and the
selection process they make in deciding to which conference they attend.

From this list the top 3 will be identified for our attention. Others will be attended to as we complete the top 3.

A booth will be manned at the AAHPERD Convention in Salt Lake City. Brochures, handouts and other material will be distributed to potential new members. Several Committee members have volunteered to man the booth.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee:
The following was suggested:
"We have some members who live in the same
household (some married some with partners). Why not create a
membership category for these people so that they don't need 2
publications. Dues for the second person at that address would be $40
(the difference between membership and publications)."

Action Required by Board:
No action is currently required.

Budget Implications:
The cost of a AAHPERD booth was approved at Board meeting in January 2006.