Progress Report
(April 2006)

Report #:6.05

Name of Office/Committee: Future Directions Committee

Person Submitting Report: Mike Metzler

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

1. The FDC was able to hold only a limited meeting at the San Diego conference due to a scheduling conflict. 
2. As the San Diego conference unfolded, there was much discussion of the FDC's role in pursuing a new mission and agenda for NAKPEHE. Much of the discussion was based on the Presidential ad hoc panel's recommendation to move NAKPEHE to becoming an organization predominantly for higher education KPE administrators.
3. That discussion carried over to the subsequent BOD meeting, at which time it was decided that President Finkenberg would solicit advice as a means of determining FDC's role in pursuing a new mission for NAKPEHE.
4. Several email and telephone conversations occurred between President Finkenberg, the chair of the FDC (Mike Metzler), and members contacted by Dr. Finkenberg. Dr. Finkenberg decided to appoint a Presidential Committee comprised of himself, the current FDC, plus Karen DePauw, Ron Feingold, John Massengale, and Hally Poindexter.
5. The FDC would convene in Albuqerque in May for its annual spring meeting, and be joined by any other members of the Presidential Committee would could attend. Meetings were set for May 26-29, but have recently needed to be rescheduled for June or July.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

1. Continue to interact with Dr. Finkenberg to determine FDC's role and responsibility in discussions about NAKPEHE's mission and organizational agenda.
2. Continue to pursue projects such as the monograph series proposed during the Spring 2005 FDC meetings.

Action Required by Board: None at this time

Budget Implications: None at this time