Progress Report
April 21, 2006

Report #:6.03

Name of Office/Committee: Elections & Nominations Committee

Person Submitting Report: Shane Frehlich

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

The Nominations and Elections committee meeting was held at the annual NAKEPE meeting in San Diego on January 6, 2006. The committee reviewed current protocols related to the process of identifying potential candidates for officer positions. In particular, the open officer positions for the upcoming year are President-elect (male), Vice President-elect (male), and Secretary (female).
The committee received input from several NAKPEHE members in terms of identifying potential candidates, and many individuals have been contacted to determine their interest in running for these positions. Discussions with these individuals are ongoing. In addition, the editor of the Chronicle of Kinesiology and Physical Education and Higher Education was contacted to ensure that the open positions would be advertised in upcoming issues of that publication.
One charge given to the committee was to develop and recommend a protocol for dealing with a situation in which a tie occurs in the voting for an officer position. A recommendation has been approved by the committee and will be presented to the Board of Directors at the April 2006 meeting.
Other charges discussed at the January meeting of the committee included:
1.) Consider changing the name of the committee to the Nominations and Elections Committee.
2.) Develop clear deadlines for reporting the results of the election to the candidates and to the NAKPEHE members.
3.) Review the Operating Code of the committee to determine whether portions need to be modified.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee:

In conjunction with the Technology Committee, the Elections and Nominations Committee will examine the efficacy of conducting online elections. However, at this time, no formal proposal is ready to be delivered to the Board.

Action Required by Board:

No action required by the Board.

Budget Implications:

None at the present time.