April 27, 2006

Report #:6.02

Name of Office/Committee: By-Laws

Person Submitting Report: Beverly Mitchell

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

Richard Oates, former chair of this committee, forwarded to me the most recent versions (January, 2006) of the following operating codes with changes reflecting action(s) taken at the January 4, 2006, Board meeting: President-Elect, Technology Committee, and By-Laws Committee. These were in addition to the operating codes Richard and his committee compiled and updated prior to 2006. I inserted the changes into the Awards Operating Code after the January 2006 meeting. Therefore, all codes are current.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee
The committee will continue the good, detailed work that Richard and his committee began 2 years ago.

Action Required by Board:
According to two members of the Technology Committee who contacted me regarding their operating code, section III. Plan of Organization, the Board referred the matter of the webmaster's affiliation to the ByLaws Committee. Each Bylaw committee member was notified, and each has responded "yes" to approving the following addition to the Technology Operating Code as #H to Section III. Plan of Organization:

A. The committee shall be a standing committee of the Association.
B. The committee shall consist of the Chairperson and a minimum of three NAKPEHE members who have demonstrated an understanding of a commitment to the use of technology in physical education higher education.
C. The members shall be appointed by the President, subject to the approval by the Board of Directors.
D. The Chairperson shall be a member of the Board of Directors.
E. The term of office for the Chair shall begin on January 1 of the appointed year, and shall continue for a three-year period.
F. The appointments of the Committee shall be such that one new member will be appointed each year.
G. Resignations from the committee shall be presented to the President who shall appoint a successor to complete the unexpired term.

Motion: The Webmaster is an ex-officio member of the Committee.

Budget Implications: