Progress Report
December 13, 2005 (For January 2006 Board Meeting - San Diego, CA)

Report #: 4.04

Name of Office/Committee: Vice President

Person Submitting Report: Camille O'Bryant

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

  • Attendance and booth coverage at 2005 AAHPERD Convention in San Diego
  • Dissemination of "Call for Proposals" to SAWPASH, WSPECW, NASSM, Journal of Sport Management, NAKPEHE web page, SW District AAHPERD
  • Multiple phone call meetings with staff representatives from US Grant Hotel and Westin Horton Plaza (San Diego)
  • Generated contents of packet for conference mailing - slightly delayed due to change in location (August, 2005)
  • Visited San Diego to consider two options for hotel relocation (July, 2005)
  • Fielded numerous email and telephone inquiries related to change in location, logistics of submitting proposals, etc.
  • Communicated with hotel staff at Westin Horton Plaza (RE: room block changes, rate questions, meeting agenda, meals, etc.)
  • Collected proposals and disseminated to program review committee (September - November, 2005)
  • Collected and disseminated revised abstracts to Bill Forbes (November - December, 2005)
  • Created conference schedule (September - December, 2005)
  • Conference budget (separate handout)

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

  • Make sure to delegate whenever possible - having a committee to review abstracts was extremely helpful!
  • Consider establishing a conference planning committee or more simply a task force
  • Consider variable pricing/rate options for conference (e.g. one day fees)
  • Work with Jackie Lund to establish a sub-account from the main NAKPEHE account ä since 9/11 it is increasingly difficult to open fee-free checking accounts
  • Discuss strategies for compensatory registration for sponsors
  • Perhaps the $500.00 that sponsors pay is inadequate considering the cost of meal functions.

Action Required by Board: None at this time.

Budget Implications: