Final Report
December 15, 2005
Report #: 6.10

Name of Office/Committee: Technology Committee

Person Submitting Report: Gordon Schmidt, Carol Wood

Progress Report/Tasks Completed

The Technology committee meeting was held at the annual meeting in Tucson, AZ on January 6, 2005. The meeting focused on the charges set forth by the Executive Council for 2005. A report to the Board of Directors was made at the AAHPERD

The major issues are the NAKPEHE website, archive storage, the webmaster, links to other agencies, potential for on-line membership, renewals and conference registration, and conference technology support.

Other suggestions included posting past conference information (speeches, papers, doctoral student information), digital photos, tracking the NAKPEHE website, surveys of membership and data management.

The NAKPEHE website has been updated with a more user-friendly homepage. There are now pull-down menus for each of the categories: Membership, Conferences, Publications, Leadership, Affiliates, Contact Information. The webmaster is Mel Finkenberg, President-elect. His time in maintaining the webpage has been invaluable, yet time-consuming. He has many other responsibilities. The Technology Committee would like to recommend that

A counter has been added to the website that can be used to track the number of 'hits.' As of December 5, 2005, there have been 13,928 hits. Linking the NAKPEHE website to other affiliates or organizations has been one-sided. Further dialog with other kinesiology, exercise science, sports medicine, physical education, recreation, health or dance groups has not been a priority. The main links with Quest, the annual conference, the Chronicle and OPERA are appropriate.

Further work with the website could include a History of the organization and a Mission Statement. Information related to the lecture series would be helpful (Amy Morris Homans, Dudley Allen Sargent, Delphine Hanna, and Hally Beth Poindexter Young Scholar). Information regarding the five awards is not on the website (young scholar, doctoral poster, service, leadership, scholar).

A membership directory has been proposed. This could be included within a Members Only section of the webpage. Steve Estes proposed a compendium of all kinesiology and physical education higher education institutions in the United States. Human Kinetics has had some previous work in this area.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

  1. Continue to update the NAKPEHE webpage, webpage layout and possibly engage the services of a professional web designer.
  2. Add more content to the webpage: information related to the history, mission statement, lecture series, awards.
  3. Add a link to the webpage related to the annual conference including abstracts, speeches, photographs and proceedings. 
  4. Add a link related to Awards and highlights regarding the award winners. Include a section about doctoral posters and related items.
  5. Assist in the development of an on-line membership and renewal process, as well as on-line registration for the conference.
  6. Conduct a survey and managing the data.
  7. Investigate technical support at the next conference (collaborative laptops and projection systems).

Action Required by the Board:

Propose that membership applications and dues be paid on-line through a third party collection agency. Conference registration and subscriptions could be included in the third party agency's responsibilities.

Budget Implications:

A third party collection agency would charge fees for their services.

Committee membership:
Gordon Schmidt (Co-Chair)
Carol Wood (Co-Chair)
Steve Estes
Rachel Gurvitch
Joanne Hynes-Dusel
Valerie Wayda