Progress Report

January 2005


Report # 7.09


Name of Office/Committee:  Social Justice/Cultural Diversity


Person Submitting Report:  Anna Marie Frank


Progress Report/Tasks Completed:


As Chair, I attempted to confirm membership of the committee.  Joe Burden has confirmed his continued interest and will be starting the third year of a three-year term. Betty Jones has confirmed interest and is starting a second year of a three-year term. Sharon Shields has not confirmed continued interest.  Anna Marie Frank has confirmed continued interest and is starting the third year of a three-year term and is serving as chair. Joe Burden, with Virginia Overdorf’s approval, submitted Samuel Hodges’ name for membership on the committee.  If confirmed Dr. Hodges will begin the first year on a three-year term at the January meeting.


Due to the fact that only one current member of the committee could confirm attendance at the January 2005 conference, a full SJCD committee presentation was not possible. 


No specific tasks or issues were presented to the committee for review. 



Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee


Compile a collection of professional articles to be complied into a SJCD “reader” that would be available to members at the 2006 conference.  This reader would include articles that the committee members believed to be valuable in furthering understanding and dialogue related to social justice and cultural diversity as related to the profession. Copyright clearance would be obtained and the reader would be sold at a fee that would cover the cost of distribution.


To address purpose A. & F. of the SJCD operating code, the committee will discuss possible research interests that might serve to direct a study conducted by members of the committee and involve multiple settings. The study’s goal would be to add valuable research to the professional literature related to the committee’s purposes and goals. Submission for publication in Quest and presentation of findings at a subsequent conference would result.



Action Required by Board: NONE


Budget Implications: Money to cover the cost of coping the reader for distribution. The committee would reimburse NAKPEHE after sale of the reader at the 2006 conference.