Progress Report
January 2005

Report # 7.09

Name of Office/Committee: Social Justice/Cultural Diversity

Person Submitting Report: Anna Marie Frank

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

The committee met at the January NAKPEHE conference and discussed proposed activities for the 2005 fiscal year. 

  • Dr. Hodge informed the committee that he has submitted material to the Chronicle for the SJCD column. He will continue to participate in this important task and asked the members to contribute as well.
  • The committee agreed to conduct a study of the NAKPEHE membership needs/experience regarding Social Justice issues. The survey was agreed upon, IRB approval for research is pending, the research proposal is in draft form, the NAKPEHE board gave the SJCD committee initial approval to use the membership list, Jackie Lund has agreed to provide the list when requested, and data analysis options are being reviewed. The SJCD committee plans to present the findings at the Administrative pre-conference of the 2006 NAKPEHE conference.
  • After discussion at the 2005 conference, the SJCD committee agreed to submit the name of Keith Floyd as a possible keynote speaker for the 2006 conference. This has been communicated to the NAKPEHE board. We look forward to the board's deliberations on this issue at the April 2005 meeting.
  • Clarification of membership is continuing. Joe Burden may be replacing Sharon Sheilds.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

The following project was discussed at the 2005 meeting. It was felt to be a valid use of our time, however the logistics and scope of the material still needs to be discussed in detail. (Compile a collection of professional articles to be complied into a SJCD "reader" that would be available to members at the 2006 conference. This reader would include articles that the committee members believed to be valuable in furthering understanding and dialogue related to social justice and cultural diversity as related to the profession. Copyright clearance would be obtained and the reader would be sold at a fee that would cover the cost of distribution.)

Action Required by Board: Official approval to use the membership list for the research.

Budget Implications: Honorarium for Keith Floyd if the board agrees to invite him as a keynote speaker.