Progress Report
January 4, 2006

Report #: 4.06

Name of Office/Committee: Secretary

Person Submitting Report: Bob Stadulis

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

1. Minutes for 1/8/05 and 4/13/05 prepared and posted on Web Site.

2. Motion form revised (to be used at the 2006 January Board meetings). Revisions (see below) are minor:

a. Adding "K" where appropriate.
b. Including a "tabled" option for a motion.

Motion Form
NAKPEHE Board Meetings

Date: __________________ City: ________________

Maker of Motion: __________________ Seconded By: ________________


Who is responsible for action? ____________________ Due Date? ____________

Status of Motion: _______________Approved _________________Not Approved

Return to NAKPEHE secretary before end of meeting. The motion should be stated as voted upon by the Board.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee: None

Action Required by Board: Approve April 13 minutes; use the revised form diligently!

Budget Implications: None