Progress Report

November 30, 2005

                                                                                                Report:  4.01


Name of Office/Committee:                       President


Person Submitting Report:             Bill Sparks


Progress Report/Tasks Completed:


  • Planned and organized Board of Directors meetings in Clearwater, Chicago

and Tucson

∑      Appointed a Task Force to negotiate contract with Human Kinetics

regarding publication of QUEST

  • Signed new contract with Human Kinetics
  • Created and sent a preliminary agenda to the Board of Directors (Tucson

Board meeting.

  • Authored Presidentπs message for Sept. and Feb. edition of THE CHRONICLE
  • Approved multiple requests for using copyrighted materials from QUEST and CHRONICLE  in  new publications (journal articles, books, chapters of
  • books, etc.
  • Appointed individuals (with Boards approval) to fill committee vacancies and those committee chair positions that were rotating off of the Board
  • Provided names of committee chairs and members for publication in

The Chronicle.

  • Selected NAKPEHE Lecturers for 2005 Convention
  • Appointed a parliamentarian
  • Contacted selected scholar lecturers through a written invitation to present
  •  at The 2005 NAKPEHE Conference.
  • Prepared programs for lecturers.
  • Created certificates (framed) to present to scholar lecturers at the conference
  • Communicated at various intervals with the President-Elect about a variety

of issues regarding her role as incoming President

  • Worked with Gloria Robbins regarding site selection for the 2008 conference
  • Worked with Membership Chairs to send information to Chairs of Physical

Education/Kinesiology Departments in regards to the merits of NAKPEHE as the organization of choice for higher education physical education and kinesiology professionals.

  • Communicated with the Chair of the Future Directions Committee in regards to soliciting information from the committee deliberations as a base

for development of a NAKPEHE strategic plan.

  • committee to use as the cornerstone of the NAKPEHE Strategic Plan proposal.
  • Developed a Strategic Plan for Board of Directors consideration.  Sent out

two drafts of the plan prior to Board Meeting in Tucson for review and


  • Communicated with authors of the pro and con position paper that appeared

in the September issue of The Chronicle involving the proposed elimination of gender rotation in the secretary position on the board (requires vote of membership).


Suggestions for Future Plans Related to the Office/Committee


  • If approved, continue to develop a substantive Strategic Plan for the organization.  Have each Committee Chair develop specific goals that would

integrate into the structure of the Strategic Plan.

  • Working with the Future Directions Committee, continue to develop strategies to increase membership that includes but is not limited to:
  • (1) Booth at the AAHPERD Convention; (2) Continue to infuse membership

      Emphasis in the Strategic Plan.  (3)  Maintain a regular communication

      dialogue with the Board of Directors throughout the year of Presidency.

(4)   Other strategies to promote NAKPEHE which is geared toward

increased membership.


Action Required by the Board:


  • Selection of 2008 Convention Site


Budget Implications


  • None