Progress Report

January 5, 2005

                                                                                                                                Report #: 4.03_

Name of Office/Committee:                             President-Elect

Person Submitting Report:                                   Virginia Overdorf

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:


Ø    Spoke to AAHPERD and CUAC personnel about a possible merger and/or joint  sponsorship of an administrator’s conference at NAKPEHE conferences.

o      This looked like a “go” right up until the CUAC conference when the CUAC membership voted to maintain its own conference in the summer.

o        I am still trying to keep the dialogue alive.

Ø    Attended the FDC meeting in San Diego May 7-9.

Ø    Prepared Committee Memberships

Ø    Contacted members and potential members; chose new chairs for the committees.

Ø    Prepared charges for committees for 2005-06

Ø    Explored ways to keep committees more functional and organized                       

Ø    Chose speakers for San Diego conference

Ø    Communicated with VP-elect about the San Diego conference

Ø    Prepared a proposal for the Tucson Administrator’s Pre-Conference workshop

Ø    Communicated with Presidents about several issues

Ø    Communicated with several past presidents of NAKPEHE for ideas and suggestions

Ø    Got list of NJ Department chairs for Membership Committee

Ø    Spoke to AAHPERD about securing a room for our April meeting in Chicago

Ø    Prepared a plaque for the president

Ø    Studied the By-Laws and Proposed Budget

Ø    Communicated with the Executive Secretary/Treasurer on a number of issues

Ø    Studied NAKPEHE committee structure and roles and responsibilities of the committees

Ø    Studied strategic plan proposal from President Sparks





Suggestions for Future Plans Related to the Office/Committee


            (1) Might want to include in the operating code that the committee members should all be contacted and invited to a committee meeting at the upcoming conference. 

Alternatively, might want to contact all chairs, send them their operating code and committee members, and have them contact their members and invite them to a meeting.

            (2) Develop a list of charges that each committee will be assigned at the conference meeting.


Action Required by the Board:


  Approve reimbursement of notebook purchase


Budget Implications: