Past President’s Breakfast Meeting
January 11, 2002     
7:30- 8:45 am
San Antonio, Texas

Present: C. Ash, J. Bischoff, K. DePauw, J. DeSensi, S. Estes, R. Feingold, S. Gallemore, S. Kovar, J. Massengale, H.B. Poindexter, R. Ruhling

Summary Minutes

  1. Attempt to gather on the demographics of the people who have dropped out of NAPEHE.
  2. Have senior faculty serve as a cohort.
  3. Consider going back to a pre-conference with an administrative focus.
  4. Consider CUAC working with NAPEHE in a joint administrative conference or pre-conference in January.
  5. Doctoral/Masters Student Focus on the region where the NAPEHE conference will be located - have a student poster/research session. Invite 5-6 institutions to have their students to participate.
  6. Consider spin-off sessions focusing on disciplines. Have some local faculty come to head sessions.
  7. Quest - conference information in Quest.
  8. Immediate Past President to be responsible for summary minutes from Breakfast.  Add to Past President’s Operating Code.
  9. Needs to be a yearly event.  Immediate Past President would be responsible for disseminating summary minutes to those in attendance.

Respectfully submitted,
Judith Bischoff, Past President