Progress Report
November 29, 2005

Report #: 4.02

Name of Office/Committee: Past President

Person Submitting Report: Bill Sparks

Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

  • Continued to work with Gloria Robbins, Meeting Resorts, Inc. to secure a convention site for the 2008 National Conference.
  • Made recommendation to the Board to select the Old Town Hotel (formerly the Sheraton Old town) in Albuquerque New, Mexico as the site of the 2008 National Conference.
  • Contacted representative of Polar at the National AAHPERD
  • Conference in Chicago in regards to sponsoring a Scholar Lecture

Presentation at the National NAKPEHE Conference in San Diego. At the AAHPERD Convention, it was indicated that they would support a lecture.

  • Worked with Camille O'Bryant, Vice-President to organize Past President's breakfast for the 2006 National Conference in San Diego.
  • Served on the Foundations Committee and responded to queries by Charles Ash, Committee Chair
  • Served as an ex-officio member of the Awards, ByLaws and Elections Committee. Responded to requests from the Chairs of each committee regarding nominations for Office of President an Vice-President, selecting recipients of NAKPEHE honor awards and reviewing recommendations for by law changes.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

  • Consider formation of a "Past President's Committee as an advisory committee to the President. This would provide an experienced area of support to assist the President in in responding to issues of critical importance to the organization. This committee would be composed of the four most recent Past-President's and would be activated at the discretion of the President. The current Past President would serve as Chair. This recommendation does not exclude input from the President-elect in responding to issues in line with the current operating protocol.

Action Required by Board:

  • Creation of a Past-President's Committee with appropriate operating code.

Budget Implications:

  • None