Progress Report
Report #4.02

Name of Office/Committee: Past President
Person Submitting Report: Bill Sparks

Progress Report/Tasks Completed

  • Based upon Board recommendations from the 1/05 New Board Meeting in Tucson, worked with Gloria Robbins, Meeting Resorts, and/or eliminate guaranteed rooms examine potential hotels in (1) Palm Springs (2) Las Vegas (3) Albuquerque/Santa Fe that would reduce cost to the organization and to the individual.
  • Make recommendations regarding hotel site for the 2008 NAKPEHE Convention.
  • Surveyed the board to request input regarding site Selection by members of the Board to rank-order the Most important criteria in selecting location and hotel. Recommendation that follows is based the results of this survey.
  • Called Beth Kirkpatrick (Polar) to solicit funding for the Sargent and/or Hanna Scholar Lecture; Directed to Gena Pelachek who handles budgeting for Polar. Indicated that Polar was interested. Will Follow-up at the AAHPERD Convention by visiting personally with Gena. 
  • Served on the Foundations Committee and responded to queries by the President and by the Committee Chair
  • Served as an "ex officio" member of the ByLaws andAwards Committee.
  • Responded to e-mail regarding changes to ByLaws
  • Responded to issues regarding protocol for Selecting award recipient when person nominated is Chair of the Awards Committee.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

  • Consider forming a committee for "Site Selection" with the Past-President serving as Chair. Selecting the location and the hotel is important. A small committee (3 people) would serve to improve the site selection process.

Action Required by Board:

  • Proposal: Creation of a "Site Selection" Committee with the Past-President serving as Chair

Budget Implications:

  • None