Name of Position: OPERA Editor REPORT

Person Submitting Report: Sally Ayer


I. Progress Report: (January 1 - December 29, 2004)

See attached list for annual listing of registrants.

1. Continued to enlist the help of Sandy Cottle to do the weekly postings, invoicing and other communications.

2. Created a weekly listing of job vacancies and emailed it to Shane Frehlich for email distribution.

3. Updated the OPERA website weekly
( Link removed 1/24/2018

4. Invoiced all requests for registration.

5. Emailed renewal notices to those registered the previous year.

6. Emailed "late payment" notices when payment not received after two months.


II. Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee

1. Identify possible new registrants.

2. Create an email notice and send to departments notifying them of the OPERA 

3. Advertise OPERA in a professional publication.


III. Action Required by the Board.

1. Feasibility and suggestions of ways to advertise OPERA.

2. The Kinesiology Department at CSU Fresno, which houses the OPERA web pages, will be getting a new chair next fall. Should the new chair decide not to support OPERA, we will need a new host site. What avenues are available? (I hope this will not be necessary, but, just in case!)


IV. Budget Implications: (January 1 - December 29, 2004)

1. INCOME: (We have 8 never before registered schools )

            a. Jan 1 - Dec 29: 51 Paid Registrations @ $150 = $7600.00

            b. Jan 1 - Dec 29:: 12 Invoiced Registrations @ $150 = $1800.00

                                                                                                TOTAL $9400.00

2. EXPENSES: (Thru 12/29/04)

            a. Postings and emails:                                                    $2448.50

            b. Net Zero (Out of town email connection)                   $ 119.40

                                                                                                TOTAL $2567.90