National Association for Kinesiology And Physical Education in Higher Education

Annual Conference

January 5-8, 2004

Hilton El Conquistador Golf and Tennis Resort

Tucson, Arizona


Academic Preparation for the 21st Century Student


Program Highlights


Keynote Address              Friday, January 7                   8:30 AM


≥The Students of Tomorrow:

Meeting Needs and Defining Purpose≤


Dr. Charles ≥Chuck≤ Corbin

Professor Emeritus

Department of Exercise and Wellness

Arizona State University


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Delphine Hanna Lecture         Thursday, January 6       8:15 PM


"Changes and Challenges: 2020 Vision"             Coronado Ballroom


John M. Charles

The College of William and Mary


Amy Morris Homans Lecture     Friday, January 7         12:30 PM


"Amy Morris Homans Back to the Future≤          Coronado Ballroom


Deborah Tannehill

Pacific Lutheran University


Dudley Allen Sargent Lecture           Saturday, January 8       8:00 AM


≥The Art of Everything≤                                        Coronado Ballroom 


Seymour Kleinman

The Ohio State University


Hally Beth Poindexter Young Scholar Lecture            Saturday, January 8  11:30 AM


"Are the National Physical Education Standards Achievable?"


Darla M. Castelli

University of Illinois




General Program Schedule

January 5 ≠ 8, 2005


Wednesday, January 5


5:00 - 9:00 PM                       Conference Registration


4:00 - 10:00 PM                     NAKPEHE Board Meeting (light dinner provided)


6:00 - 9:00 PM                       Administrative Pre-Conference Session

                                                John Massengale and Hally Poindexter, Moderators


Thursday, January 6


7:30 AM ≠ 5:00 PM               Conference Registration


8:00 AM ≠ 12:00 PM             Administrative Pre-Conference Session

                                                John Massengale and Hally Poindexter, Moderators


8:00 AM ≠ 1:00 PM               Golf Outing

                                                Glenn Miller, Baylor University, Coordinator


9:00 ≠ 11:00 AM                    Tennis

                                                Carolyn Mauck, Delmar College, Coordinator


1:00 ≠ 2:00 PM                      NAKPEHE Committee Meetings


2:00 ≠ 5:00 PM                      Concurrent Sessions


7:00 ≠ 10:15 PM                    Doctoral Posters on Display


8:00 ≠ 9:15 PM                      Delphine Hanna Lecture - John M. Charles


9:15 ≠ 10:15 PM                    Reception and Doctoral Poster Recognition

                                                Light hors dπoeuvres provided, cash bar                    


Friday, January 7


7:00-8:20 AM                         Past Presidents Breakfast (by invitation only)


8:30 ≠ 9:30 AM                      Keynote Address ≠ Dr. Charles ≥Chuck≤ Corbin


9:45AM ≠ 12:00 PM             Concurrent Sessions


12:15 ≠ 2:00 PM                    Amy Morris Homans Lecture and Luncheon 

Deborah Tannehill


2:00 ≠ 5:00 PM                      Concurrent Sessions


5:00 PM                                  Quest Editorial Board Meeting


5:30 ≠ 7:00 PM                      Cocktails Party at Judy Bischoffπs Home

                                                (Everyone invited, maps to her home are available)



Saturday, January 8


8:00 ≠ 10:00 AM                    Dudley Allen Sargent Lecture and Breakfast

Seymour Kleinman                                    


10:15 AM ≠ 12:30 PM           Concurrent Sessions


11:30 AM - 12:30 PM            Hally Beth Poindexter Young Scholar Presentation

                                                Darla M. Castelli


12:30 ≠ 1:00 PM                    Lunch Break


1:00 ≠ 2:30 PM                      Concurrent Sessions


2:30 ≠ 4:00 PM                      Business Meeting


4:00 ≠ 4:30 PM                      Combined Board Meeting (04-05 Board & 05-06 Board)


4:30 - 6:00 PM                       New Board Meeting (2005-06 Board)


Detailed Program Schedule

January 5 ≠ 8, 2005


Wednesday, January 5


5:00 - 9:00 PM           Conference Registration - Lobby


4:00 - 10:00 PM         NAKPEHE Board Meeting (light dinner provided)

                                    Board Room


 6:00 ≠ 9:00 PM        Administrative Pre-Conference            Location: Canyon Suite I


6:00 ≠ 6:15     Administrative Pre-Conference Kick-off and Introductions

                                    John Massengale and Hally Poindexter, Pre-Conference Moderators


6:15 ≠ 6:45     Practica And Internship Experiences ≠ Valuable Learning Opportunities For Kinesiology Students And An Array Of Legal Issues And Questions For The Administrator In The 21st Century≤

                                    Paul Downing, Towson University


6:45 ≠ 7:15     ≥Swimming with Sharks: Confessions of an Untenured Chair≤

                                    Gordon Schmidt, William Paterson University


7:15 ≠ 7:45     ≥Problems Associated With Coaches Who Teach in Kinesiology and Physical Education Departments≤

                                    John Oppliger and Bill Stobart, Pittsburg State University, Ron Dewlen,

Henderson State University


7:45 ≠ 8:15     ≥Fragmentation in Kinesiology and Physical Education and the Potential Impact on the 21st Century Student≤

                                    Don Hellison, University of Illinois at Chicago        


8:15 ≠ 8:45     ≥Role of the Administrator in Awarding Merit Salary Increases≤

                                    Fred Mueller, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


8:45 ≠ 9:00     Evening Session Wrap-up

                                    John Massengale and Hally Poindexter


Thursday, January 6                                                                                 


7:30 - 5:00      Conference Registration - Lobby


8:00 ≠ 1:00     Golf Outing

                        Glenn Miller, Baylor University, Coordinator


9:00 ≠ 11:00   Tennis Outing

                        Carolyn Mauck, Delmar College, Coordinator


8:00 AM ≠ 12:00 PM           Administrative Pre-Conference                  Canyon Suite I


8:00 ≠ 8:30     ≥Leadership and Communication: Are Students/Faculty Understanding Your Message?≤

John Oppliger and Bill Stobart, Pittsburg State University, Ron Dewlen, Henderson State University, George White, University of Montana-Billings.


8:30 ≠ 9:00     ≥Survival Strategies for Department Chairs≤

                                    Ginny Overdorf, William Paterson University and

                                    Carol Wood, Salisbury University


9:00 ≠ 9:30     ≥Performance Contracting:  A Progressive Approach to Administrative                                  Evaluation≤

                                    Bill Sparks, Washburn University


9:30 ≠ 10:00   ≥Promoting Complacency: The Chairperson's Role in Faculty Evaluation in a Unionized University≤

John Oppliger, Pittsburg State University, Ron Dewlen, Henderson State University


10:00 ≠ 10:30 ≥Assessing Departmental Effectiveness≤

                                    Dirk Nelson, Central Missouri State University


10:30 ≠ 11:00 ≥Women in Administration: Unique Challenges and Opportunities≤

                                    Lynda Ransdell, Boise State University


11:00 ≠ 11:30 ≥21st Century Curriculum Considerations for Physical Education≤

                                    Brian M. Hickey, E. Newton Jackson, & Sarah Price,

Florida A&M University


11:30 ≠ 12:00 ≥Kinesiology and Physical Education Chair Directory≤

                                    Steve Estes, East Carolina University


12:00- 12:10   Pre Conference Wrap-up

                                    John Massengale and Hally Poindexter, Pre-Conference Coordinators


12:00 ≠ 1:00   Lunch Break


1:00 ≠ 2:00     NAKPEHE Committee Meetings



                        By Laws



                        Future Directions


                        Public Affairs


                        Social Justice/Diversity




2:00 ≠ 5:00 PM                 Thursday, January 7                          Concurrent Sessions


Canyon Suite I


2:00-2:45        "A Collaboration Between Middle School Physical Education, Science, and Math Teachers for Improved Physical Education, Science, and Math Programs"

                                    Paul Calleja and Jack Kern, University of Arkansas


2:45-3:30        ≥Academic Preparation for the 21st Century Student ≠ East Meets West≤

Mel E. Finkenberg, Stephen F. Austin State University

Kathy LaMaster, San Diego State University

Melanie Mitchell, Robert McKethan, Appalachian State University


3:30-4:15        "Practical PETE"

Karen Fredenburg, Glenn Miller, Rafer Lutz, Margaret Wooddy,

Baylor University


4:15-5:00        ≥Using the Cadet Teaching Program to improve the professional preparation of Physical Education Teacher Education Candidates prior to the Professional Semester≤

Ron Dewlen and Hal McAfee, Henderson State University


Canyon Suite II


2:00-2:45   ≥The State of Teaching Students with Disabilities Across a Very Large School District≤

               R.R. Apache, University of Nevada, Las Vegas


2:45-3:30        ≥A Unique Schema for the Teaching of Ethics To University Students≤

                                    Walt Hammerslough, La Sierra University                


3:30-4:15        ≥Mentoring and connection to a professional learning community for first-year Physical Education Specialists≤

                                    Mary LaVine, Kent State University


4:15-5:00         ≥Views of Physical Activity Participation by Physical Education Majors:  A Qualitative Study 

                                    Wei Bian, Southern Illinois University Carbondale (SIUC)


Canyon Suite III


2:00-2:45        ≥Successes and Challenges: Recruitment and Retention of a Diversity of Students, Faculty, and Administrators into Kinesiology and Physical Education in Higher Education≤

                                    Samuel Hodge, The Ohio State University


2:45-3:30        "Teaching PETE Students About Diversity Issues"

                                    Kathryn Davis, Middle Tennessee State University


3:30-4:15        ≥Teaching Kinetics and Kinematics to Under-prepared Kinesiology/Biomechanics Students: A Learner-centered Approach≤

                                    Cheryl Holloway, Eastern New Mexico University


4:15-5:00        ≥How To Combine Pedagogical Theory With A Diverse Field Base Curriculum For The Development            Of Physical Education Teacher Candidates≤

                                    Charlie Goehl, Elmhurst College


Canyon Suite IV


2:00-2:45        New Changes in NCATE Folio Preparation:  The Saga Continues

                                    Jackie Lund, Georgia State University


2:45≠3:30      ≥Are accreditors moving us in the right direction in physical education teacher preparation and exercise science for the 21st century?≤

                                    Shawn Ladda, Manhattan College


3:30-4:45        ≥Alternative Assessment: Claiming Your Education≤

                                    Nancy Burkhalter and Tarek Hassoun, Texas Woman's University


4:45-5:30        ≥Changing Perspectives of the Academic Preparation of Students:

Reflections of Two 35-Year Veterans of Kinesiology/Physical Education Higher Education≤

Robert E. Stadulis, Kent State University and

Mary Jo MacCracken, The University of Akron


Seminar Room  


2:00≠2:45       ≥A 21st Century Tool to Evaluate the Student Teachers Impact on Learning≤

                                    Sarah Bingham, Longwood University


2:45-3:30        ≥Interdisciplinary connections for kinesiology students in the 21st Century≤

                                    Paul Downing, Towson University


3:30-4:15        ≥Effects of Lifetime Fitness for Health Instruction on College Studentsπ Behavioral and Psychological Physical Activity Orientation≤

Bradley J. Cardinal, Oregon State University, and Marc D. Spaziani, Chemeketa Community College


4:15-5:00        ≥Whatπs stopping us? The role of higher education in increasing lifetime physical activity≤

Steven  Frierman, Hofstra University



Dinner on your own


7:00 ≠ 10:15 PM                              Thursday, January 7


7:00 ≠ 10:15 PM                    Doctoral Posters on Display:


≥Prioritizing positive social development in KPEHE required curricula: Meeting the educational demands of the 21st century≤

            Daniel  Balderson, University of Nevada Las Vegas


Theoretical and Practical Applications of the Philosophy of åFlowπ in Physical Education≤

Ethel M. Gregory, The University of New Mexico


≥The Development and Validation of Computer Mediated Simulation (CMS) Training Application designed to Enhance Interactive Decision Making Processes among Teacher Candidates≤

Rachel Gurvitch, Ed.D ≠ Georgia State University


≥Perceptions of the Student Teaching Triad: A Naturalistic Inquiry into Teaching Behaviors that may Lead to Negligence in the Physical Education Environment≤

Kelle L. Murphy, University of Central Oklahoma


≥The importance of KPEHE leadership in postsecondary coaching preparation: Providing principles and practice dialogue for the 21st century.≤

            Darian Parker, University of Nevada-Las Vegas.


≥Poster Title: Sport, Assimilation, and the Native American Boarding School Experience in New Mexico, 1885-1940≤

Sean P. Sullivan, University of New Mexico


8:00 ≠ 9:15 PM          Delphine Hanna Lecture                 Coronado Ballroom

"Changes and Challenges: 2020 Vision"

                      John M. Charles, The College of William and Mary


Presider:  Bill Sparks, Washburn University, President, NAKPEHE

Introduction:  Steve Estes, East Carolina University


9:15 ≠ 10:15 PM        Reception and Doctoral Poster Recognition

                                                Light Hor dπoevres provided, cash bar


Friday, January 7                           


7:00 - 8:20 AM           Past Presidents, Breakfast (by invitation only)


8:30 ≠ 9:30 AM          Keynote Address                               Coronado Ballroom


                                    ≥The Students of Tomorrow: Meeting Needs and Defining Purpose≤

Dr. Charles ≥Chuck≤ Corbin

Arizona State University    


Presider: Bill Sparks, Washburn University, President, NAKPEHE,

Introduction: Bill Forbes, Towson University,

Vice President, NAKPEHE,




Friday, January 7             9:45 AM ≠ 12:00 PM                          Concurrent Sessions


Canyon Suite I


9:45 ≠ 10:30               ≥Technology Through Physical Education Eye Glasses: 20/20 Vision?≤

                        Richard Oates, North Georgia College & State University

Leah Holland Fiorentino, Adelphi University


10:30 ≠ 11:15             ≥Integrating Technology in the ASU PETE Program≤

Robert  McKethan, Melanie Mitchell, Michael Kernodle, Douglas Brantz and  Steve Elliott, Appalachian State University


11:15 ≠ 12:00             ≥Are PETE Graduates Adequately Prepared To Integrate Technology In The 21st Century?  A Study On The Perceptions Of PETE Faculty≤

Jeffrey Lindauer, University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and

David Wittenburg, University of New Mexico

Canyon Suite II


9:45 ≠ 10:30               "Exploring Social Justice with åThe Breakfast Clubπ"

                                                Aaron Banks, Gustavus Adolphus College


10:30 ≠ 11:15             ≥The Courage to Care. Restoring the Basics in the Classroom Experience≤

                                                Beverly Mitchell, Kennesaw State University


11:15 ≠ 12:00             ≥The Integration of Multiple Intelligences Into Classroom Teaching≤

                                                Michael Kernodle, Melanie Mitchell, Appalachian State University


Canyon Suite III


9:45 ≠ 10:30               ≥Using Personal Digital Assistants for Assessment in Physical Education≤

                                                Kathy La Master, San Diego State University


10:30 ≠ 11:15             ≥Integrating Physical Education into an Academic Curriculum≤

                                                Hiba Shublak, Active Learning, Westminster, CA


11:15 ≠ 12:00             ≥Increasing Student Learning Through Practical Application of Theoretical Concepts Using Meaningful Challenges≤

                                                Alison Murray, University of New Mexico

Harry Meeusen and George King, University of Texas at El Pas                 

Canyon Suite IV


9:45 ≠ 10:30               ≥Infusion Of A Computerized Observation And Analysis System Into The Physical Education Teacher Preparation Program

Ruth Ann Nyhus and D. Allen Phillips, Central Missouri State University


10:30 ≠ 11:15             ≥Developing Skill Analysis Ability in Pre-service Teachers?≤

                                                Shaunna McGhie and Kemal Makasci, Utah Valley State College


11:15 ≠ 12:00             ≥An Integrated Major for School Health Education and Physical Education: Cutting Edge or Cutting Our Own Throats?≤

                                                Mandi Anderson, Ray Martinez, Marci Wycoff-Horn, Kristi Mally,

University of Wisconsin-La Crosse


Friday, January 7


Coronado Ballroom


12:15 ≠ 2:00 PM        Amy Morris Homans Lecture and Luncheon

                                    "Amy Morris Homans Back to the Future"

Deborah Tannehill, Pacific Lutheran University

Presider:  Bill Sparks, Washburn University, President, NAKPEHE

                  Co-Introduction:         Connie Collier, Kent State University

                                                                        Judy Oslin, Kent State University


Friday, January 7                            2:00 ≠ 5:00 PM                     Concurrent Sessions


Canyon Suite I


2:00 ≠ 2:45                 ≥Growing Professional Aptitudes of Pre-service Teachers≤

                                                Connie Collier and Judy Oslin, Kent State University


2:45 ≠ 3:30                 ≥Redesign Of Teacher Education: Impact Of The 100-Day Internship On Professional Preparation Of Redesign Of Teacher Education: Impact Of The 100 Day Internship On Professional Preparation Of Physical Education Candidates≤

                                                Carol Wood, Salisbury University


3:30 ≠ 4:15                 "Incorporating State Teaching Standards in a Professional Preparation Program"        

                                                Bennett Lombardo, Rhode Island College


4:15 ≠ 5:00                 ≥Computer Mediated Simulation (CMS): A Training Application to Foster the Decision Making Skills of Pre-service Teachers≤

                                                Rachel Gurvitch, Georgia State University and Andrew Hawkins,

                                    West Virginia University 


Canyon Suite II


2:00 ≠ 2:45                 ≥Interactive Online Pedagogy Course for Early Childhood PE Teacher Interns≤

Bilha Bittan, College for Physical Education, Givat Washington, Israel


2:45 ≠ 3:30                 ≥Analyzing motor skills using streaming video≤

                                                Ross Friesen, Washburn University


3:30 ≠ 4:15                 "Best Practices in Online Distance Education"

                                                Gloria Napper-Owen, University of New Mexico


4:15 ≠ 5:00                 ≥Infusing Technology into Undergraduate Kinesiology Classes≤

                                                Brian M. Hickey, Florida A&M University and

Robert A. Rider, University of Tennessee


Canyon Suite III


2:00 ≠ 2:45                 ≥Changing the Focus of Physical Education to Physical Activity≤

                                                Andrea Metzker, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona


2:45 ≠ 3:30                 ≥Developing Appropriate Exercise for Seniors: Lessons Learned from a Student Led, Wellness Based Senior Exercise Program≤

Mary Kirk, Wiley Piazza, Gary Eippert, Jan Montague, and

Amy Roberto, Northern Kentucky University


3:30 ≠ 4:15                 ≥Lifetime Wellness: Developing a Wellness Attitude in Undergraduate Students≤

                                                Bill Sparks, Washburn University


4:15 ≠ 5:00                 ≥Wellness Peer Mentoring-From the Classroom to Professional≤

                                                Nanette Tummers, Eastern Connecticut State University


Canyon Suite IV


2:00 ≠ 2:45                 ≥It Takes a Team: Making Sports Safe for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Athletes and Coaches≤

                                                Camille OπBryant, California Polytechnic State University and

                                                Ingrid Johnson, University of Arizona


2:45 ≠ 3:30                 ≥Title IX and Sport Socialization Experiences for Girls and Women: Moving toward Social Justice in Sport≤

Ingrid Johnson, University of Arizona, Camille OπBryant, California Polytechnic State University and Nancy Lough,

University of New Mexico


3:30 ≠ 4:15                 ≥Multicultural/Diversity Education:  Academic Preparation for 21st Century Faculty and Students≤

                                                Betty Jones, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis


4:15 ≠ 5:00                 ≥Contact Magnifies the Impact, Doesnπt it?≤

                                                Anne Stewart, Del Mar College


Saturday, January 8        


Coronado Ballroom


8:00 ≠ 10:00 AM        Dudley Allen Sargent Lecture and Breakfast

                                    "The Art of Everything"

Seymour Kleinman, The Ohio State University            


Presider:  Bill Sparks, Washburn University, President NAKPEHE

                                    Introduction:  Steve Estes, East Carolina University



Saturday, January 8          10:00 AM ≠ 12:15 PM                 Concurrent Sessions                          


Copper Room


10:00-11:00                Global H.E.A.L.T.H. Promotion

                                    Special Yoga Class for active participant.  Come dressed to exercise.         

Kelly Charles, William and Mary College


Canyon Suite I


10:00 ≠ 10:45             ≥Those who canπt do teach: Historical perspectives on the academic preparation of physical educators in the United States≤

                                                Alison Wryn, California State University, Long Beach


10:45 ≠ 11:30             ≥Learning More by Doing:  A Teaching Strategy Focused on Eliminating the But≤

                                                Valerie Wayda and Marilyn Buck, Ball State University


11:30 ≠ 12:15             "Toward an alternative postsecondary curriculum: New opportunities or quixotic jousts?"

                                                Tom Sharpe, University of Nevada-Las Vegas


Canyon Suite II


10:00 ≠ 10:45             ≥Teaching the Kinesiology Student in the 21st Century: Using Case Studies to Provide a More Engaging Student Learning Environment≤

Shane D. Stecyk, California State University, Northridge

Shane G. Frehlich, California State University, Northridge


10:45 ≠ 11:30             ≥Problem Based Learning ≠ Designing Effective Problems≤

                                                Donna Hester, University of Alabama at Birmingham

                                                Donna Dunaway, Samford University


11:30 ≠ 12:15             ≥Preparing Students in a Fractured Field for the 21st Century≤

                                                William Freeman and Donna Woolard, Campbell University and

Ronald W. Hyatt and Sherry Salyer, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill



Canyon Suite III


10:00 ≠ 10:45             "No Child Left Behind and the Omission of Highly Qualified Coaches"

                                                Ron Dewlen, Henderson State University


10:45 ≠ 11:30             ≥Hey, Whoπs Driving This Thing?≤  The Role of the Accreditation Process in Developing Curriculum for Professional Preparation Programs in Kinesiology

Shane Frehlich and Shane D. Stecyk, California State University, Northridge


11:30 ≠ 12:15             ≥Restructuring Student Teaching: Moving from a Traditional Model to an Apprenticeship Model≤

                                                Rockie Pedersen and Harry Meeuwsen, University of Texas at

El Paso


Canyon Suite IV


10:00 ≠ 10:45             ≥An Analysis of Information Technology (IT)  Requirements in Sport Management Programs≤

Greg Letter, Mississippi State University, Dan Drane, University of Southern Mississippi and Steven Carney, DeSales University


10:45 ≠ 11:30             ≥Determining proportionality in examining sports media coverage:

An analysis of the use of independent standards in content analysis research≤

Paul M. Pedersen , Palm Beach Atlantic University and Kim S. Miloch, Indiana University


11:30 ≠ 12:15             ≥Recombining Health and Physical Education: Incorporating Physical Activity into a Traditional Health Class≤

                                                David Claxton, Western Carolina University




11:30 ≠ 12:30             Hally Beth Poindexter Young Scholar Lecture 


"Are the National Physical Education Standards Achievable?"                    

Darla M. Castelli, University of Illinois

                                    Presider:  Bill Sparks, Washburn University, President NAKPEHE

                                    Responder: Seymour Kleinman, The Ohio State University








Saturday, January 8             1:00 PM ≠ 2:30 PM                        Concurrent Sessions                   


Canyon Suite I


1:00 ≠ 1:45                 ≥Doctoral Competencies in Physical Education Teacher Education≤

                                                Andrew Hawkins, and Lynn Housner, West Virginia University

and Rachel Gurvitch, Georgia State University


1:45 ≠ 2:30                 ≥Will Technology Eliminate Regional Colleges for the 21st Century Student?≤

Bill Stobart, Pittsburg State University and Lynn Leggett, Henderson State University.


Canyon Suite II


1:00 ≠ 1:45                 ≥Factors contributing to the advancement of women to the position of

Athletic Director in Intercollegiate Athletics≤

                                                Nancy Lough, University of New Mexico


1:45 ≠ 2:30                 ≥Project Success Gets Physical: Collaboration and the Use of a Physical Education Course to Help Academically and Socially At-Risk College Students≤

                                                Paul Trilling, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh                     


Canyon Suite III


1:00 ≠ 1:45                 ≥Sport Management Laboratory Classes: A Higher Level of Learning≤                             

Michael Smucker, Texas Tech University


1:45 ≠ 2:30                 ≥Sport management professorial job announcements: A content analysis of employment advertisements and openings in this emerging academic field≤

Paul M. Pedersen, Robert M. Myers, Palm Beach Atlantic University and Warren A. Whisenant, University of Houston


Canyon Suite IV


1:00 ≠ 1:45                 ≥Are our PETE students prepared to teach in an inclusive classroom?≤

                                                Jill Cordova, Jessica Miller, Mesa State College       


1:45 ≠ 2:30                 ≥The relationship between high school students and their parentsπ attitudes relative to physical education programs: As obesity increases in our nation, interest in high school physical education programscomes into question ≥

Kurt A. Stahura, University of Nevada, Las Vegas, Tom Adams, Jennifer Maland, and Jim Stillwell, Arkansas State University




Seminar Room


1:00 ≠ 1:45                 "Media Literacy & Popular Culture: A Roadmap to Developing Media Literate Undergraduates"

                                                Aaron Banks, Gustavus Adolphus College


1:45 ≠ 2:30                 ≥Do We Assume or Do we Know? Assessing the True Impact of our Curricula on Student Learning≤

Harry Meeuwsen and George King, University of Texas El Paso, Alison Murray, University of New Mexico;


Coronado Ballroom 


2:30 ≠ 4:00 PM          NAKPEHE Business Meeting

                                    All NAKPEHE members are encouraged to attend


Board Room


4:00 ≠ 4:30 PM          Combined Board Meeting (04-05 Board & 05-06 Board)


4:30 - 6:00 PM           New Board Meeting (2005-06 Board)