NAPEHE Business Meeting Minutes
January 8, 2001
Amelia Island, GA.

The business meeting of the National Association of Physical Education in Higher Education was called to order by President Bob Ruhling at 8:03 a.m. 

President Ruhling introduced the following officers:  Joy Desensi, Past President, Charlie Ash, Vice President, Cathy Buell, Vice President-elect, Jackie Lund, Secretary, and Gale Evans, Executive Director.

The following were announced as the newly elected officers of NAPEHE:  President-elect, Charlie Ash; Mel Finkenberg, Vice-president elect; and Jerry Carlson, Secretary-elect.  They will assume their offices at the conclusion of the 2001 Conference.  Thanks were also extended to Bill Forbus and Mark Stanbrough for agreeing to serve NAPEHE by running for office.

Two corrections were made to minutes of the 2000 Business meeting.  Roberta Bennet was one of the editors for the Quest feature on Social Justice and Diversity instead of Jan Rintala.  The language describing the concern for the Black institutions in the Nashville area as reported by Sharon Shields was changed to read:

Minutes were approved as corrected.

The Executive Director’s report was distributed to members.

Vice president Charlie Ash gave a report on the Amelia Island Conference

  • 125 people in attendance
  • 96 people pre-registered
  • 28 registered on-site
  • 2 people had to cancel their attendance
  • 2 program sessions were cancelled
  • Susan Kovar was commended for finding this facility

Members were encouraged to give any feedback concerning the conference to either Charlie or Cathy Buell to help improve future conferences.

Joy DeSensi announced that the 2003 NAPEHE Conference would either be in Long Beach or San Diego. 

Cathy Buell reminded members that the 2002 NAPEHE Conference would be in San Antonio, TX on January 10-12.  The conference theme is “Show me the Money:  A Rubric of Accountability.”  The conference site will be the Menger Hotel which is close to the River Walk and golf and tennis.  She invited all to attend.

Ron Feingold announced several upcoming AEISEP conferences:

  • Taiwan (June 2001)
  • Plymouth, New Hampshire (August 2001)
  • Portugal (November, 2001)

These conferences are similar to NAPEHE conferences but with international members.

Charlie Ash invited administrators or those aspiring to become administrators to attend CUAC’s in Colorado Springs on July 11-15, 2001. 

Cathy Buell announced that NAPEHE would be sponsoring a booth at the Cincinnati AAHPERD Convention.  Members who would like to help out with the booth are asked to see either Cathy or Bob Ruhling.

Leah Fiorentino, on behalf of the Doctoral Student Task Force reminded members that this year’s winner of the Young Scholar Award, Dr. Yomee Lee would be presenting a paper during the morning sessions.  The Dudley Sargeant lecturer will react to her paper.  This competition is open to new professionals who have not yet completed five years at the university level.  Leah will be contacting senior faculty for names of new colleagues to invite them to attend the NAPEHE conference and present their work.  Those with doctoral programs are asked to encourage students to attend NAPEHE conference and present posters and papers.  NAPEHE members were encouraged to reach out and challenge young professionals to present and attend.

Jody Davenport gave the Necrology report.  This year’s list included:

  • Catherine Alley
  • Koenig
  • Ruth Skinner
  • Olive young

The Awards committee reported that they gave one award yesterday and will give two today at the Sargeant Lecture.

Marilyn Buck, representing the elections committee made nomination forms available.  Next year’s election for president and vice president will have female candidates.  She asked members to give her names of potential candidates.

Sue Hall chair of the Future Directions committee announced that editorial changes had been approved in the NAPEHE Mission Statement.

Print new mission statement

Camile O’Bryant from the Cultural Social Justice Committee asked members to complete their survey at the conference.  It had also appeared in the May 2000 Chronicle and members can still mail their replies to Camile at Cal Poly University.  Camile noted that the NAPEHE Board of Directors had been very supportive of the committee’s work.  This year a session on Globalism was presented.  The committee looks forward to similar projects in the future. 

Bill Sparks, Chair of the Publications Committee reported that all publications are fine.  Members were encouraged to send articles for the Chronicle to Steve Estes by February 15, 2001.  John Dunn will be the new editor of Quest as Karen DePauw steps down from that position.  John acknowledged Karen’s hard work.  He also announced that the Quest Editorial Board had met during the conference and would like to encourage members to submit manuscripts and ideas for possible publication themes for the journal.


Bill Sparks also noted that Opera has grown, giving NAPEHE lots of visibility.  He is trying to get financial support for Sally Ayer either in the form of a graduate student or a stipend.  Bill will be presenting a proposal to the NAPEHE Board for funding consideration.  Sally Ayer and Steve Estes were recognized for their work.

Charlie Ash suggested that members visit the NEPEHE web site.  Steve has done an outstanding job on it.  All reports from the Board of Directors are on the site.  Charlie will also post the final conference report on the Web.  Thanks to Steve for his work on the site. 

Steve Estes also noted that he has posted all the Quest abstracts on the web.

4.0  Old Business 


5.0  New Business

A dues increase was approved two years ago by the NAPEHE Board.  This now needs to be taken to the membership for approval. Because the dues have not increased, President Ruhling noted that we have had to depend on savings to stay fluid.  A dues increase will avoid that.

Charlie Ash made a motion to approve the dues increase.  Judy Bishoff seconded the motion.

Sally Ayers questioned why the Emeritus category is not allowed to vote.  President Ruhling will take this under advisement and look into the privileges for this category.

Following the discussion of the motion, the question was called and the motion passed by majority vote expressed orally.

6.0  Other


7.0  Adjournment

Charlie Ash motioned for adjournment.  Bill Forbus seconded.  Motion passed.