NAPEHE Business Meeting

Marilyn Buck, Presiding

January 10, 2004

2:30 pm

Radisson Suite Sand Key

Clearwater Beach, Florida


1.0     Welcome - Marilyn Buck

            The meeting was called to order at 2:40pm.

            1.01     Introductions

                        1.01.1  Current Officers

                                    President Buck introduced the current officers on the NAPEHE Board of Directors.


                        1.01.2 Past NAPEHE Presidents

                                    President Buck recognized the past presidents of NAPEHE in attendance at this meeting.  President Buck also thanked Steve Estes for his long contributions as webmaster.  These responsibilities will be turned over to Mel Finkenberg this year.


2.0       Approval of Minutes of January 18, 2003 Business Meeting in Long Beach, CA

Motion 1:  Move approval of minutes from 1-18-03 NAPEHE Business Meeting.  By C. OπBryant and seconded by C. Buell. Approved.


3.0       Selected Officers/Committee Chairs Reports

            3.01     Executive Secretary/Treasurer ≠ Jackie Lund

Following the conference we have 240 members.  Our assets as of 11-30-03 are as follows:

Checking                                 $6390.78

Savings                                    $8546.48

General Oppenheimer             $14,238.55

  Includes $3935 from diversity

Lecture                        $16,463.95

Memorial                                 $16,446.87


Monies to be transferred from checking to:

Memorial                                 $350

Lecture                        $450

Diversity                                  $290


            3.02     Vice-Presidentπs 2004 Conference Report ≠ M. Buck for Jan Rintala

                        Although the official report is forthcoming, the total in attendance at this conference was 128.


            3.03     President-Elect ≠ Bill Sparks

Two goals are set for next year:  Increased membership and increased attendance at the 2005 conference in Tuscon.


            3.04     Vice President-Elect ≠ Bill Forbes

                        Publicity will be stepped up for the Tuscon conference through the high profile NAPEHE booth at AAHPERD and utilization of the internet.  There are many amenities at this site to attract diverse interests for this conference and its theme, ≥Academic Preparation for the 21st Century Student.≤


            3.05     Necrology Report ≠ Marilyn Buck for Jody Davenport

                        The following individuals have passed away since the last conference:

θ                Bruce Bennett ≠ The Ohio State University

θ                William Forbus ≠ Adelphi University

θ                Gail Hennis ≠ University of North Carolina Greensboro

θ                Mabel Locke ≠ University of Idaho

θ                Virginia Moomaw ≠ University of North Carolina Greensboro

θ                Edward Shea ≠ Southern Illinois University

                        A moment of silence followed the reading of all names.


            3.06     2006 Site Selection ≠ Charlie Ash

The Wyndam US Grant (now owned by Sheraton) is the site for the 2006 conference in San Diego.


            3.07     Elections ≠ Marilyn Buck for Mandi Anderson

Ginny Overdorf was elected President-Elect and Camille OπBryant was elected Vice-President Elect.for 2004.


            3.08     Awards

George DeMarco will be returning as chair of this committee.  Leah Fiorentino volunteered to carry through with the responsibilities this year in Georgeπs absence.


4.0       Old Business



5.0       New Business

5.0       Name Change

            Extensive discussion occurred among those present at the meeting following President Buckπs introduction of the motion. Results from the survey showed satisfaction for the current name but also interest in changing the name to be more inclusive of our sub-disciplines.  Using the term ≥kinesiology≤ in the name was favored by many who spoke to the motion, that the current name NAPEHE and the second surveyed choice, the National Association for Physical Education and Kinesiology in Higher Education, be included as the two names on the ballot, per vote of the business meeting on January 10. (From the January 7, 2004 NAPEHE Board Meeting).  After more discussion, an amendment to the motion was offered as follows:

Amendment to the Motion:  Move National Association for Kinesiology and Physical Education in Higher Education.  By S. Estes and seconded by R. Ruhling.  Approved


A non-binding straw vote was taken to determine the number interested in adding a 3rd option, that of including ≥kinesiology≤ only in the name.  The vote was split.


President Buck reminded the attendees as to who was eligible to vote:  current members but not international members and if giving a proxy to someone, that individual must indicate the decision in writing.


President Buck reminded the members present that the pre-prepared ballot contained two options:  1) the current name and 2) the name as submitted by the Board on January 7.  With the Amendment to the Motion approved at this meeting, the second option on the ballot should reverse the order of ≥kinesiology≤ and ≥physical education≤ to read, the National Association for Kinesiology and Physical Education in Higher Education.  The ballots were distributed, collected and counted.  The results were 35 for the second option (National Association for Kinesiology and Physical Education in Higher Education)and 5 for the first option or current name (National Association for Physical Education in Higher Education).  The effective date will be contingent upon what J. Lund finds out about the process for changing the Articles for Incorporation which involves correspondence with the state of Washington. Quest and Chronicle editors (Joy DeSensi and Jimmy Ishee respectively) will communicate the name change in their publications.


6.0       Other

Karen DePauw expressed gratitude to members of NAPEHE for their support of the matter related to the employment contract of her partner at Virginia Tech.  All matters have been settled.


7.0       Passing of the Gavel

            The incoming president, Bill Sparks, thanked Marilyn for her extraordinary leadership in handling some difficult issues this past year. Marilyn received a beautiful placque from Bill.  Bill adjourned the meeting at 3:48pm.


Respectfully Submitted,


Beverly Mitchell, Secretary






Addendum To The Minutes

Motions Approved/Not Approved at The NAPEHE Business Meeting

January 10, 2004


Motion 1:  Move approval of minutes from 1-18-03 NAPEHE Business Meeting.  By C. OπBryant and seconded by C. Buell.  Approved.


Amendment to the Motion (brought from the Board Meeting as Motion 4, January 7, 2004):  Move National Association for Kinesiology and Physical Education in Higher Education.  By S. Estes and seconded by R. Ruhling.  Approved.