Final Report
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January 3, 2001 

Report # 
Name of Office/Committee: Future Directions Committee
Person Submitting Report: Susan J. Hall                          
Progress Report/Tasks Completed:

The Future Directions Committee met September 15-17, 2000 at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, site of the 2002 conference. Present were Judy Bischoff, Cathy Buell, John Charles, Bill Forbus, and Susan Hall (Chair.)  A significant amount of the meeting time was devoted to development of a theme for the 2002 conference, with related discussion of conference schedule, format, and recommendations for speakers and facilitators. The adopted theme will be Show me the Money: A Rubric of Accountability for Physical Education in Higher Education. Four organizational strands or subtopics will be accountability issues related to 1) faculty, 2) students, 3) administrators and institutions, and 4) society at large. Each organizational strand may include topics both internal and external to the academy. Additional discussion of “future directions” for the organization yielded six action items and one discussion item for presentation to the NAPEHE Board in January.

Suggestions for Future Plans Related to this Office/Committee:

Action Required by Board
The Future Directions Committee presents the following motions:

  1. To revise the NAPEHE Mission Statement to read as follows:

“The National Association for Physical Education in Higher Education is an organization for professionals in higher education. Its purpose is to provide a forum for interdisciplinary ideas, concepts, and issues related to the role of physical education in higher education with respect for social, cultural, and personal perspectives.”

  1. To call for a review of the job description and budget items associated with the position of Executive Secretary/Treasurer.
  2. To include as a standing item in the budget the cost of conference registration and room for the Vice President for Conferences at the conference planned and managed by that officer.
  3. To revise the Operating Code for the Past President, Section II. F. (with additions in bold underline) as follows:

Oversee conference site selection for the next upcoming, yet to be selected conference location, with consideration of the following criteria:

1.   Lodging, including:

  • Room cost, including taxes and any special fees
  • Number of available complimentary rooms
  • Number and capacities of meeting rooms and meal rooms
  • Availability and cost of audiovisual equipment
  • Number and quality of on-site restaurants
  • Availability and cost of pool, fitness room, sauna, etc.
  • Ability to extend conference room rates before/after the meeting

2.   Transportation, including:

  • Approximate cost for flying in from three different cities (using one on each coast and in the midwest)
  • Availability and cost of transportation from the nearest airport to the conference site
  • Availability and cost of rental cars

3.   Availability and cost of golf and tennis
4.   Locations/events of interest in the surrounding area
5.   Climate

  • To charge the Publications Committee with developing a recommended timeline for converting The Chronicle of Physical Education in Higher Education to electronic format.
  • To charge the Technology Committee with developing a recommended timeline for converting all NAPEHE business transactions (e.g. Bylaws changes, voting, conference registration) to electronic format.

Discussion Item
The Future Directions Committee wishes to solicit feedback from the Board on a proposed schedule and format for the 2002 conference (C. Buell.) 

Budget Implications
Motion #3 has budget implications, as stated.