NAPEHE Business Meeting

Charles Ash, Presiding

January 18, 2003


HMS Queen Mary Hotel

Long Beach, CA



1.0   Welcome ≠ Charles Ash

President Ash opened the meeting at 9:40a and welcomed everyone to the business session.

1.01 Introductions

1.01.1  Current Officers

President Ash introduced the current officers of NAPEHE


1.01.2  Past NAPEHE Presidents

President Ash recognized past NAPEHE presidents in attendance at this session.


2.0  Approval of Minutes of January 12, 2002 Business Meeting in San Antonio, TX

Motion: Move to approve the minutes.  By Gail Evans and seconded by Mel Finkenberg.   Passed.


3.0  Selected Officers/Committee Chairs Report

3.01     Executive Secretary/Treasurer  ≠ Jackie Lund

As of 12-31-02:    225 members have paid dues for 2003.

As of 11-30-02:    $4254.21 in the General Oppenheimer account

                              $16,189.97 in the Oppenheimer Memorial fund

                              $16,017.67 in the Oppenheimer Lecture fund

                              $3935.00 in the Diversity Fund

As of 01-15-03:    $18,777.33 in the checking & savings accounts


3.02     Vice-Presidentπs 2003 Conference Report ≠ Mel Finkenberg

These are the official counts for the conference:



Members: 65

Non members: 13

Students: 9

Emeritus/retired: 5



Members: 13

Non members: 6

Students: 1

Emeritus/retired: 0



Members: 78

Non members: 19

Students: 10

Emeritus/retired: 5

TOTAL: 112



Note: Two participants (one member, one student) have not yet paid.



3.03     President-Elect Marilyn Buck

The lecturers for the 2003 annual conference are Ginny Overdorf (Hanna), Susan Kovar (Homans) and Bob Ruhling (Sargent).


3.04     V-P Elect Jan Rintala

The 2003 annual conference will be held in Clearwater, FL at the Radisson Sand Key, January 7-10.  The theme is ≥Promoting Physical Activity.≤


3.05     Necrology Report ≠ Jody Davenport (by President Ash)

The following individuals were reported deceased:  Marion Broer (University of Washington), Joy Archer (College of William and Mary) and Gail Hennis (University of North Carolina, Greensboro). 


3.06     2005 Site Selection ≠ Judy Bischoff

The annual NAPEHE conference in 2005 will be held January 5-9 at the Hilton/Tuscon Conquistidor in Tuscon, AZ.


3.07     Elections ≠ Mandi Anderson

The following individuals were elected to the NAPEHE Board:  President-Elect Bill Sparks, Vice-President Elect Bill Forbes, and Secretary Beverly Mitchell.  Mandi reminded the membership that ≥vitality of the association rests with its leadership≤ and encouraged the nomination of individuals for next yearπs President-Elect and Vice-President Elect both of whom will be female.


3.08     Awards ≠ Leah Fiorentino

The recipients of the 2003 distinguished awards are John Dunn (Distinguished Scholar), Judy Bischoff (Distinguished Service) and Joy DeSensi (Distinguished Administrator).  Leah encouraged the nomination of individuals for next yearπs awards.


3.09     Special Recognition ≠ Charles Ash

President Ash recognized Gail Evans for her exemplary and long-standing service in her 13yrs (1989-2002) as Executive Secretary/Treasurer of the association.


4.0  Old Business



5.0  New Business

5.01     Procedure for Resolution ≠ Camille OπBryant

Representing the Social Justice/Cultural Diversity Committee, Camille reported on the decisions reached by the committee members in response to the recent incident at VirginiaTech involving a member and past president of our association, Karen DePauw.  The committeeπs plan is to first become thoroughly informed of the sequence and all events prompting the action taken by Virginia Techπs Board of Visitors to so as to understand both sides.  Then, a letter will be drafted for review by the committee and shared with selected EEO Officers to be certain the information is accurate and appropriate.  At that time, the NAPEHE President will contact Karen DePauw to solicit her approval of the letter before the final draft is sent to the Board of Visitors.


Motion:  The Social Justice/Cultural Diversity Committee should proceed quickly in the direction as developed and reported.  By John Dunn and seconded by Bob Ruhling.  Discussion:  Others confirmed the urgency of moving quickly on the matter and stressed the importance of reaching consensus at this meeting. The motion was unanimously approved.


6.0  Other



The meeting was adjourned at 10:20a.


Respectfully submitted,


Beverly Mitchell, Secretary (Substituting for Jackie Lund)