NAPEHE Board Meeting

January 15, 2003

Queen Mary, Long Beach, CA


President Charles Ash called the meeting to order at 4:16 p.m.


Members present:  Mandy Anderson, Charlie Ash, Judy Bischoff, Marilyn Buck,  John Dunn, Steve Estes, Gail Evans, Mel Finkenberg, Bill Forbes, Leah Fiorentino, Sharon Gutherie, Shaunna McGhie, Beverly Mitchell, Camille OπBryant, Ginny Overdorf, Jan Rintala, Bill Sparks, Dick Swanson and Valerie Wayda.


Absent: Sally Ayer,  Carol Casten, John Charles, Jody Davenport, Ron Feingold, Sandra Gallemore, Jimmy Ishee, Betty Jones, John Massengale, Mimi Murray, Robert Pangrazi, Mark Stanbrough, Anne Stewart, Mickey Taylor, and Alison Wrynn.


1.0            Introduction


Members of the board introduced themselves to the group.


2.0            Approval of the April 10, 2002 NAPEHE Board Minutes


Shaunna McGhee motioned approval of the minutes.  Jan Rintala seconded.


Camille OπBryant noted that her name had been misspelled.  The minutes were approved with the correction of the spelling of Camilleπs name.


3.0            Approval of the Agenda


The following additions were made to the printed agenda:


5.03         Institutional membership  J. Lund

5.04         2005 Conference update    J. Bischoff

5.05         Other


6.01      Sport Discus       J. Lund 

6.02      Code of Ethics    J. Lund

6.03      Affiliate membership        J. Lund

6.04         Steps to Health in Congress sponsorship

6.05         Karen DePauw/Virginia Tech


Mel Finkenburg moved to approve the agenda as amended.  Jan Rintala seconded.  Motion passed.


4.0            Officerπs reports


4.01      President            Charles Ash        Written


The president replaced Gail Evans as Executive Treasurer for the organization this year.  Jackie Lund was nominated and approved unanimously by the board to serve a term at the position from 2003 ≠ 2006.  The Foundations Committee will evaluate her performance on a yearly basis to decide whether to extend the contract past 2006.


The president has received 13 requests for use of Quest over the past year (copyright approval was granted.


4.02      Past President     Judith Bischoff   Written


The 2005 Conference will be discussed later in the meeting.  Judy has been working to clean up the typos and clean up the bylaws.  Most of the changes have already been passed.  Copies of the current bylaws need to be updated with these changes.


            4.03      President-elect     Marilyn Buck     Written


            The next NAPEHE Board meeting will be held Wednesday, April 2, 10 am until 2 pm at the AAHPERD convention.  The place will be announced at a later date.  Marilyn has been busy putting together the various committees for the upcoming year.


            4.04      Vice President     Mel Finkenberg   Written


All proposals for this conference were submitted electronically except 1.  Alyson Wrynn was thanked for the help on the conference.  Mel suggested in his report that a vice president should be on the site selection committee to avoid signing contracts that could not be met.  To date, we had met 61% of our room commitment.  The staff of the Queen Mary had let us out of the commitment without paying for the unused rooms.  In the future, the selection committee must consider the commitments made during contract negotiation to avoid having to pay for unused rooms.  At the present time, 98 people had registered for the conference, with 120-130 anticipated. 


Mel also urged board members to consider getting non-members to join the organization.


            4.05      Vice President-elect          Jan Rintala         Written


Jan distributed flyers and area guides for the site of next yearπs conference.  The 2004 conference theme will be ≥Promoting Physical Activity Across All Populations.≤  Jan needs clarification from the board about possible membership incentives so that she can announce those when sending out registration materials.


            4.06      Secretary            Jackie Lund (Interim)       Written


            4.07      Executive Secretary/treasurer          Gail Evans         Written


There was $8,287.17 in the checking account as of November 30,2002.  This includes $3,935 that belongs to the Diversity Fund.  The following Oppenheimer funds were as follows on November 30, 2002:


            General              $4,254.21

            Memorial           $16,189.97

            Lecture              $16,017.67


The board needs to make a decision as to whether  the Diversity Fund should be moving to an Oppenheimer account.  Gail also recommended raising the OPERA fee to $150.  The OPERA funds have made NAPEHE solvent over the past year.  Most chairs would not hesitate to pay $150 for the service.


Human Kinetics was the only organization to sponsor a lecture this past year.


Gail also thanked the board for their support over the past 13 years.  President Ash recognized Gail for her service.


4.07         Jackie Lund


NAPEHE has $5,982.09 in the new checking account which includes $1,000 in seed money from Gail.  The savings account has $9,230.24. 


After a discussion, it was decided to leave the lecture funds in the general budget rather than the conference budget.


The new budget was presented.  Judy Bischoff asked for money to be allocated for the Past-presidentπs breakfast.


5.01      By laws Article XV         Affiliate Member Organization


This discussion centered around what would happen to the affiliate money if the organizations were dissolved.  A question had been raised previously and the affiliates thought that their money would be absorbed into NAPEHE funds.  Marilyn noted that she had never seen a budget for an affiliate organization in all her years on the board.


After reading the bylaws, a discussion followed about cleaning up the wording regarding affiliate memberships.  Sharon Gutherie noted that the affiliate report to the NAPEHE Board should contain details about the activities of the group.  Since the Future Directions Committee had included suggestions about the affiliates, the discussion was suspended until that committee presented their report.


5.02         Booth at AAHPERD


At the April NAPEHE Board Meeting, it had been decided to discuss the AAHPERD Booth at the January meeting.  The following discussion occurred.


Leah  Fiorentino noted that the booth at AAHPERD was more of a meeting place for goodwill and public relations rather than a tool for recruiting members.  Gail Evans thought that department chairs were important for recruiting new members.  Bill Forbes felt as though NAPEHE needed to market itself better.  Valerie Wayda thought that the specialty conferences would be good places for recruiting new members to NAPEHE.  It was decided not to have a booth at the 2003 AAHPERD Convention.  No board action was necessary.


5.03         Institutional membership              Jackie Lund


We currently do not have institutional memberships.  Gail Evans suggested adding this category with institutions paying $150 to receive NAPEHE publications. Currently Human Kinetics sends Quest to places where we donπt have members.  It is in the publishing contract that we have with Human Kinetics, but we receive no money from this.  The contract with Human Kinetics needs to be researched.  Additionally, the present contract is up for renewal so this can be done at the same time.  Marilyn will look at the contract and publishing rates and report her findings at the April board meeting.


In a related issue, she will look into publishing NAPEHE proceedings from the conference.


5.04      2005 Conference              Judy Bischoff


The 2005 conference will be held in Tucson, AZ.  Members are allowed to bring their own AV equipment.  Judy passed out brochures for the site along with a summary of the contract.  The complementary nights listed on the contract summary will be given to the Future Directions Committee.


6.01      Sport Discus                   Jackie Lund


Sport Discus has approached NAPEHE about the rate charged for access to NAPEHE publications.  Jackie Lund will pursue this and find out what Sport Discus wants (abstract, full text of article, etc.) and clarify the fees associated with this.


6.02      Code of Ethics                Jackie Lund


Brad Coyle has made an inquiry about a NAPEHE Code of Ethics.  A discussion followed and Jan Rintala noted that many organizations have them.  They typically cover issues of plagiarism and/or professionalism. Marilyn Buck stated that AAHPERD has a Code of Ethics.  Marilyn will set up a committee to look at whether NAPEHE wants/needs a code of ethics and report back to the board in April.


6.03      Affiliate Membership                   Jackie Lund


The question was raised as to whether the affiliate liaisons need to belong to NAPEHE as well.  Since the affiliate liaisons are voting members of the board, members of the board must belong to NAPEHE.  This topic was postponed until the report by the Future Directions Committee.  After reading the bylaws, the wording indicated that affiliates do not need to be NAPEHE members.


6.04         Steps to Health in Congress Sponsorship


Item was withdrawn from the agenda because the time frame of the item.


6.05      Karen DePauw/Virginia Tech                     Charles Ash


A discussion of the situation at Virginia Tech concerning Karen DePauw followed.  The issue was reported in the Chronicle for Higher Education in November. The discussion centered around whether the organization will support Karen in someway and the nature of this support.


Leah Fiorentino made the following motion:  The Social Justice Committee, in conjunction with the Executive Committee will create a draft of a resolution which will be sent to the Board of Visitors at Virginia Tech and copied to the Provost, and the President will be presented at the business meeting Saturday morning. Camille OπBryant seconded the motion.  Motion passed.


7.0        Liaison Reports


7.01      AAKPE             John Massengale            


No report


7.02      AAHPERD        Beverly Mitchell


The question was raised about whether NAPEHE wants to continue being an AAHPERD Liaison.


7.03      AAHPERD Research Consortium               John Dunn


No report


7.04      National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity               Sandy Gallemore


NAPEHE will continue to be a liaison for this organization


8.0            Affiliate reports


8.01      AIESEP             Ron Feingold     Written


8.02      CUAC               Betty Jones        No report


CUAC will meet in Cape Cod this summer.  They may want to have a small administrators session preceding next yearπs NAPEHE conference.


 8.03     SAWPASH        Mickey Taylor    No report


8.04      WCPES             Carol Casten


We do not know who is the current president of  this organization.  Marilyn will find out


8.05      WSPECW          Sharon Gutherie


The written report was actually submitted by Sandy Cottle, past president


Currently WSPECW has 35 members. They are currently restructuring their organization and have a membership drive underway.  The 2003 Conference was announced.


The issue about the affiliateπs relationship to NAPEHE had already been addressed earlier in the meeting.


9.01      Archivist            Richard Swanson             Written.


This is Dickπs 21st year as the NAPEHE archivist.  He is currently working with the archivist at UNC Greensboro to fill in any gaps about the history of the association.  He has records from Dudley Sargent when the organization began.  Dick will has for help filling in the gaps via the Chronicle


9.02      Necrology          Jody Davenport               Written


Jody reported three deaths to NAPEHE members over the past year:  Joy Archer, William and Mary; Marion Broer, University of Washington; Gail Hennis, UNC Greensboro.  A moment of silence was observed in honor of these three women.


9.03      Oral History       Alison Wrynn                 Written


Alison wishes to be replaced on the board due to research requirements at her institution.


9.04      Parliamentarian   Ginny Overdorf               No report


10.0  Committee Chair Reports


10.01    Awards              Leah Fiorentino               Written


Marilyn is currently looking for a new chair to replace Leah on the Awards Committee


10.02    Bylaws              Shaunna McGhee            


The bylaws are posted on the Web at her old institution.  They are linked with the NAPEHE site so it is easier to access and print.  Changes that were approved last year need to be made to what is currently posted.


10.03    Elections            Mandi Anderson 


Results of the election were announced: President-elect, Bill Sparks; Vice President-elect, Bill Forbes; Secretary, Beverly Mitchell.


Mandi needs to start developing a list of potential candidates for next yearπs election.  We will be seeking female nominees for the president-elect  and vice president-elect positions.


10.04    Foundations       Ron Feingold                 Written


10.05    Future Directions             John Charles       Written


Several suggestions were presented by the Future Directions Committee.  The NAPEHE Board discussed and voted on each of these.


1.     NAPEHE develop an ≥experts directory≤ to be distributed to the national media


The Board added the words ≥In consultation with the Public Affairs Committee≤ to the beginning of the motion to read:  In consultation with the Public Affairs Committee, NAPEHE will develop an ≥experts directory≤ to be distributed to the national media.


Motion passed.


2.     That will appropriate consultation, the Diversity Fund should be disbursed in ways that are coherent with the mission, many of which are suggested in the minutes.


The motion was amended to read, In consultation with the Social Justice/Cultural Diversity Committee,  the Diversity Fund should be disbursed in ways that are coherent with the mission, many of which are suggested in the minutes.


Motion passed


3.  That the organization should advocate positions specific to NAPEHE.  Specific suggestions are in the minutes of the Future Directions Committee report.


Motion passed.


4.      That NAPEHE should sponsor an administrator preconference as part of the regular conference fee.


Motion passed.


5.     That Quest authors be invited to the conference


Motion passed.


6.     That Quest authors who are non-members pay page fees.


This motion was amended to read that NAPEHE investigate charging Quest authors non-member page fees.


Motion passed.


7a.  The Future directions committee moves that NAPEHE eliminate all liaisons form the Board of Directors.


This must be voted on by members.  The proposal will be printed in the fall Chronicle and members will vote on it.


7c.  The Future Directions Committee recommends that NAPEHE investigate the original affiliation agreements and determine the nature of the affiliations.  If it turns out that there is no agreement, the affiliation does not exist and there is not a problem.


Motion passed.


8.      For the purpose of site selection, NAPEHE will divide the country into halves instead of thirds.


Motion passed.  This rotation will start with the 2007 conference (East) and continue (2008 in the West).


10.06    Membership       Bill Forbes         Written


Samples of a new membership brochure were distributed.    Board members voted on their preference.


10.07    Public Affairs     Valerie Wayda (for Anne Stewart)


There is a posterboard at the registration desk to acquaint people with Marilyn Buck, the president-elect.  The committee will work with the Young Scholar Award to try to promote it.


10.08    Publications       Bill Sparks         Written


Bill Forbes made a motion raising the fee colleges and university pay for advertising on OPERA to $150.  Judy Bischoff seconded.  Motion passed.  This will be effective July 1, 2003.


Brad Cardinal has been nominated for the Quest Review Board.  Jackie will check to see if he is a current member (has paid dues 2003) and report at the Saturday NAPEHE Board meeting.


10.09    Social Justice/Cultural Diversity    Camille OπBryant and Sharon Shields         Written


A double block will be set aside for this committee to present at the 2004 conference.


The committee will draft a resolution for the business meeting regarding Karen DePauw.


A recommendation was made to have the Future Directions Committee develop a policy for dispersal of the Social and Cultural Diversity Funds.


10.10  Technology                       Mark Stanbrough             Written


The committee is looking for a direction to pursue to best meet the needs of NAPEHE.  Marilyn Buck suggested that the web page include a list of the lecturers and award winners.  The web page can also highlight the lecturers for next yearπs conference and help publicize the works of the organization.


11.0   Other New Business


Bill Forbes thanked Charlie for all of his hard work during the past year.


Leah Fiorentino moved to approved the 2003 budget with the recommended corrections to create a zero sum budget.  Shaunna McGhie seconded.


Motion passed.


12.0   Adjournment


Leah Fiorentino motioned to adjourn.  Shaunna McGhie seconded.  Motion passed.