Wednesday, January 9, 2002 4:00-10:00 pm 

Members Present: J. Bishchoff, R. Ruhling, C. Ash, C. Buell, M. Finkenberg, J. Carlson, G. Evans, J. Massengale, B. Mitchell, S. Gallemore, R. Feingold, B. Jones, J. Rowe, C. Casten, E. Carlton, J. Davenport, A. Wrynn, H. Poindexter, L. Fiorentino, S. McGhie, R. Christina, S. Hall, G. Overdorf, A. Stewart, B. Sparks, S. Estes, S. Ayers,  J. DeSensi.


meeting called to order 4:15


1.0 Introduction

            1.1       Officers reports were distributed

            1.2       Introduction of board members


2.0 March 29, 2002 Board of Directors Minutes

2.1       Qurum

            2.2       Approval of minutes

            2.3       Changes to minutes (see master copy for changes(editorial)

            2.4       Minutes with changes moved by J. Bischoff, unanimous approval

            2.4       recommended by poindexter—


3.0 Approval of Agenda:   J. Bischoff

                        additions to agenda


                        9.06 site selection

                        10.04 discussion

            3.1       moved by Bischoff, to accept agenda----unanimus


4.0 Officer's Report (written reports on website)


            4.01 President:  J. Bischoff       Discussion about Human kinetics

            suggests executive board meet prior to the regular board meeting

            request all reports are given then voted later 


4.02 Past President:  Bob Ruhling

            Written Report

            Dates: January 7-10 2004 Clearwater FL

Should emeritus members be eligible to vote–Bob was to check this out.  Referenced the By Laws Page 12.   Discussion followed----we have not been following exactly as stated in by-laws.  (Article XI Dues and Fees 1.1)   Discussion to take out the 20% stated in 1.1. 


Two choices:   change by-laws or start following by-laws as written.   During the San Antonio Conv. the by-law committee will at 5:30pm to discuss and make a recommendation on this issue for the Saturday Board  January 11, meeting.  The interpretation of the first paragraph needs to be clarified.   Shaunna McGhie

4.03 President-Elect:   C. Ash

            Written report,   handed out new blue book of By-laws and operating codes

            recommend that C. Ash be reimbursed for binders

 4.04 Vice President:   C. Buell

            85 people pre-registered

            several speakers and board members have not paid, therefore

             the numbers will change


Change from report::::::speaker honorarium should be increased by $2000 (changing it to the expenditure side)


            In area of budget implications most was done via e-mail to help save cost of mailings.

            Approximately half of registrations came via e-mail!


4.05 Vice President-Elect:   M. Finkenberg    Written report

Discussed visit to the Queen Mary for next years meeting.  Very positive about the accommodations and their service.

            Web page is being developed for online submission of program proposals.

            Dates: January 15-18

            Costs:  $129.00 +tax double occupancy        


4.06 Secretary:   J. Carlson

            Written report

 4.07 Executive Secretary/Treasurer:  G. Evans: Budget Update

            Written report

            Update copies were made available

            Recommend the final budget be adopted   (Get specific info from Gail about investments)

            Monies transferred from Oppenhimer Funds to cover deficit in operating budget

AAHPERD Booth is being eliminated to save money


            2001 final budget did not change!    

            No questions about income!!!!

            No questions about expenditures!!!


            Proposed Budget: 



5.0 Liaison Reports

5.01 AAKPE:   J. Massengale      Written report

                  No Academy meeting this year because of 9-11

No papers available because of no conference therefore the next issue of Quest will not be published.  (Will not include the academy papers)

                  Efforts are being made to get papers submitted.


      5.02 AAHPERD:   B. Mitchell

                  Written report

                  This report identifies what a liaison to AAHPERD should do.

                  J. Bischoff commended Beverly for her efforts in working as a liaison to


Beverly has agreed to continue as liaison to AAHPERD for one more year then the board will evaluate what we will do in the future.  

Lengthy discussion about the relationship between NAPEHE and AAHPERD and CUAC

                  5.03 AAHPERD Research Consortium:   J. Dunn                 No report (not present)


      5.04 National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity:   S. Gallemore

                  No written report


6.0 Affiliate Reports

6.01 AIESEP:   R. Feingold

      written report

      Next conference in Spain (see his written report)

                  6.02 CUAC:   B. Jones

                  No report

                  J. Bischoff reported that it will be Whistler Canada, July 10-13

      6.03 SAWPASH:   J. Rowe by Sandy Gallemore


                  Report is on web site

                  Last meeting was in Biloxi MS

                  The next two meetings will be in Gatlinburg, TN

                  Applied for and received 501(c)3 tax status


      6.04 WCPES:   C. Casten

                  Reported by John Massengale

Bob Pangrazi will be the new president and will serve on NAPEHE board replacing Carol Casten 6.05 WSPECW:   E. Carlton

                  Written report            

                  Sandy Cottlel reported on organization activities                 

7.0 Presidential Appointments Reports

7.01 Archivist:   R. Swanson

                  Not present, report on the Web site

                  All are encouraged to get information to Richard for the Archives

                  Secretary is responsible for getting reports to Richard

      7.02 Convention Booth:   C. Buell

                  NAPEHE will not have a booth at AAHPERD because of our financial situation.

                  We will reevaluate in the future about renting a booth          

      7.03 Necrologist:   J. Davenport

                  Written report

                  4 deaths           (get names)

                  Members are encouraged to send information of any deaths to Jody

                  moment of silence


      7.04 Oral History:   A. Wrynn

                  Report on the web site


      7.05 Parliamentarian:   H. Poindexter

                  No written report

                  Expressed her thoughts about her tenure as Parlimentarian

Encouraged committees to continue reevaluating issues to bring forward to the board


The board thanked Hally for her service!!


8.0 Committee Chair Reports

      8.01 Awards:   L. Fiorentino

                        Written Report

                        7 young scholar papers were presented

                        Distinguished Administrator Award—Susan Kovar

                        Distinguished Scholar Award—Robert Pangranzi

                        Distinguished Service Award—Joy DeSensi

                        Operating Code revisions based upon Board action last year

                        Leah was commended for getting new people and young educators involved

            8.02 Bylaws:  S. McGhie       (Contact Shaunna for details)

                        Written report   (Please review for proposed changes)

                        The following statement was posted at the end of each operating code: (?)


Additions to article IV sec. 1, Composition of Board of Directors.   Will be voted on at January 11 Business meeting.


                        Quest operating code change was approved 3-29-01


 J. Bischoff submitted recommendations for changes for President’s Operating Code (clean up language) and Vice-president’s Operating Code (for clarity)


Requested that Board members review official  By -Laws for any changes, errors etc. and send to Shaunna



                        motion to accept: unanimous, with editorial comment to change (?)  



 8.03 Elections/Nominations:  R. Christina

                        Written report


            8.04 Foundations:   R. Feingold

                        report is on the web site

Report on contributions to the Foundation fund.  Several members make donations when renewing their membership.

                        Note:  that Dr. Ruhling’s name was left off the contribution list.

Recommend that if members have a contact with an editor or vendor they should encourage their participation in the Foundation.

            8.05 Future Directions:   S. Hall

                        Report by Charlie Ash on future conventions

                        Made recommendations to the board which is discussed in new business section


                        Mel reported on the program: Very general theme for the conference


Motions:   (Get from Charlie Ash)It has been published and ready for the business meeting

                        Lengthy discussion of changes in By-Laws about composition of the board


                        Hally stated the board needs to decide if we go to the board with a yea or nay vote


                        Motion #1 from Future Directions committee to:

(A) Restructure the NAPEHE Board to include the elected officers plus six members of a Board of Directors elected at large, with the BoD elected to 3 year terms and with positions staggered such that two new members of the BoD are elected each year  (b) Normally, not invite committee chairs and liaisons (affiliates) to attend board meetings.  Instead, designate officers or BoD members to give committee reports following appropriate communication with respective committee chairs.  (C) Include the chair of the publications committee and the parliamentarian as ex-officio, nonvoting members of the Board.


                                                            Motion voted down (unanimous)



                        Motion #2 from the Future Directions Committee to: 

Change the name of   NAPEHE to NAKHE. and to replace Physical Education with Kinesiology in the mission statement. (Lengthy discussion)

                                    Motion voted down (unanimous) 


            “The Board, in consensus, we should pursue the issue of a more inclusive name.”


                        Motion #3A  from the Future Directions Committee to:

Have the FDC meet at AAHPERD instead of holding a separate meeting at the conference site, with members paying their own expenses to AAHPERD. 

                                    Motion voted down (unanimous)


                        Motion #3B from the Future Directions Committee to:

The President elect and V.P elect will meet at the conference site to review rooms, meal plans, etc., with transportation paid by NAPEHE.

                                    Motion withdrawn by the Future Directions Committee


            8.06 Membership:   G. Overdorf

                        Written report

            8.07 Public Affairs:  A. Stewart

                        Written report

                        Press releases where sent out on this conference


            8.08 Publications:   B. Sparks


                        Next issue of Chronicle will be out in February

Recommend the appointment of John Massengale as member of Quest editorial board.    Motion passed   (Unanimous)

Motion to table the issue of $5000 for Quest until John Dunn can discuss.   Motion Passed

Motion to consider acceptance of VISA and MasterCard as a method of payment was withdrawn by the committee.

Committee motion to consider a stipend as compensation for maintaining the

e-mail address and sending out the weekly OPERA publication to be paid from fees collected for OPERA.  ($500) paid bi-annually

                                                Motion passed (unanimous)


                                    8.08.1 Chronicle S. Estes  Check report

                        8.08.2 OPERA S. Ayers        Check report


                                    8.08.3 Quest J. Dunn              Check report

            8.09 Social Justice/Cultural Diversity C. Bryant, S. Shields

            8.10 Technology M. Stanbrough

                        Written report

9.0 Old Business

9.01 2002 Conference:   C. Buell

                  Conference program were distributed

                  Discussion of program changes

      9.02 2003 Conference:   J. DeSensi

 9.03 2004 Conference:   R. Ruhling

                  Written report

      9.04 National Alliance for Nutrition:   J. Bischoff                 Moved to January 11 board meeting


      9.05 Human Kinetics Contract:   S. Estes

                  Written report

                  Developed an operating code, will be address later

Agreement with Human Kinetics as to what their responsibilities are and what our responsibilities will be.   They are proposing $400 fee.


      9.06 (added) Updated list of site selections for future NAPEHE conferences         


10.0 New Business


10.01 Institutional Memberships:   G. Evans            Motion: to have $150 institutional subscription for Quest and Chronicle for Institutions, departments and libraries.     Motion Passed (unanimous)


            10.02 Use of Credit Cards for paying:   S. Ayers

                                    Earlier discussion


            10.03 Operating Codes:   J. Bischoff


10.04 (added item)

Executive committee recommends:  For this fiscal year the Executive Secretary position will be paid as follows:   $6,000 financial commitment to the executive secretary and assistant; $300 for IRS; $600  for office supplies.  Charge the Foundation Committee to reviews the Executive Secretary position and finances associated with it and submit a recommendation report to the Board at the meeting in San Diago.     (Lengthy discussion)

Motion: John Dunn   $7200 plus $300 for IRS for the Executive Secretary position.  The $7200 may be used at the discretion of the Ex. Sec.

                                    Motion to call question   Passed

                                    Motion   for–14; against --2 ;   abstentions–2                  


                        motion to receive all former reports:   Passed


Board recognized Judy for her outstanding year as president!!!!!!!!!!!

 President and Vice President

11.0 Adjournment * Light refreshments will be provided to assist us in our afternoon efforts.