NAPEHE Board  Meeting

Saturday, January 12, 2002

1:45 - 3:45 pm

Menger Hotel   San Antonio, Texas


Present: M.. Anderson, C. Ash, S. Ayer, J. Bischoff,  M. Buck, S. Cottle, J. Dunn,

             S. Estes, R. Feingold, M. Finkenberg, L. Fiorentino, B. Forbes, S. Gallemore, B.                           Mitchell, S. McGhie, J. Massengale, C. O’Bryant, G. Overdorf, J. Rintala, A. Stewart, B.               Sparks, S. Shields.


Absent: J. Carlson, G. Evans, J. Davenport, B. Jones, B. Pangrazi, M. Murray, J. Rowe, M.                         Stanbrough, D. Swanson, A Wrynn 


  1.0 Introduction of Board Members


  2.0 Approval of Agenda

        Addition of 4.3 Young Scholar Sessions at NAPEHE


 3.0 Old Business

    3.1   2002 Conference Update - C. Buell

         a.  112 Registrants (29 on-site)

              (10 graduate students, 7 retirees, 5 non-members)

              Clear about $4,000.

         b.  Taped plenary session - will share with Future Directions Committee


    3.7 Quest Funding - J. Dunn   (Item moved up on the agenda)

         a.  Budget: received $2500. Last January after the Board Meeting.  Received $2500. After

               this Board meeting to cash by February 1st.   Remaining $1900. needed in August.

         b.  Cost of Quest is minimally $4500.

            - 3 hrs. secretarial time x 52 weeks x benefit rate

            - postage, copying, discs, send item Fed Express

            - no lost manuscripts, prepare manuscripts for Human Kinetics (HK) camera ready

        c.  Strong sentiment expressed by Board members that Quest is to be funded appropriately.

        d.  Quest is NAPEHE’s premier journal.  Would HK be willing to fund a portion of the

              cost of Quest?  C. Ash and J. Massengale will discuss the best approach to contact

              HK pertaining to funding.


      OPERA - S. Ayer

        Should other journals/publications be contacted in which to advertise the services of

          OPERA?  C. Ash will post availability of OPERA services on CUAC Listserv.


   3.2 Executive Secretary/Treasurer Update - J. Bischoff

      a.  G. Evans met with Executive Committee during the conference to present 3 options for

           funding the Ex. Sec./Treas. position until 2003 when a new Ex. Sec./Treas. will be in                       place.

     b.  Ex. Committee recommended to the Board option 1:

            Financial package of $8500.

                $6,000.   Salary ($500./month)

                  1,000.   Assistant

                     500.   Supplies

                     700.   NAPEHE Travel

                     300.   IRS

          This is a $1400. reduction in the amount budgeted to Ex.Sec./Treas. position

      c.  Motion made and seconded to approve $8500.  Passed.   J. Bischoff will communicate

            Board action to G. Evans.


   3.3 Foundation Committee - R. Feingold

      a.  R. Feingold presented some preliminary information about possible responsibilities for the

           new Ex. Sec./Treas. position.  Looking for someone who has been involved with                         NAPEHE.  Hope to have new person in place by June.  Interview possible candidates at

           AAHPERD in April.


   3.4 Budget Revision - C. Ash

         Income:   $36, 985.  to $38, 985.

           Increase OPERA from $7600.  to $9600.


          Ex. Sec./Treas. =     $8500.

          OPERA by $500 =    3500.

          Quest from $ $4400.

           Future Directions from $1000.  to $2000.

     Revisions moved and seconded.   Approved


  3.5 Operating Code - Webmaster - S. Estes

     a.  S. Estes will work with S. McGhie and M. Finkenberg to align with other Operating

          Codes of the publication area. 

     b.  Webmaster position to become part of the Publication Committee.  Revise Operating Code


     c.   HK contract tabled.


   3.6 Bylaws - S. McGhie

          Emerti Status:   Article XI Section 1.3 approved the presented concept but needs to be

           put in line with Article II.  S. McGhie will do so and present at the Board meeting in April.


   3.7 Moved up on the Agenda


   3.8 Revisions of President’s Operating Code - J. Bischoff

          Revisions presented from the O.C. presented at Wednesday’s Board meeting.  J. Bischoff

         will make final editorial changes to replace current O.C.  Bring to April Board meeting.


    3.9 Revisions of Vice-President’s Operating Code - J.Bischoff

         Revisions presented from O.C. presented at Wednesday’s Board meeting.  J. Bischoff will

         make final editorial revisions to replace current O.C.  Bring to April Board meeting.               

     3.10 National Alliance for Nutrition (NANA) - J. Bischoff

         Request to consider having NAPEHE’s  name listed with other professional and health

         related organizations.  No financial cost to NAPEHE.  Motion made and seconded. Passed.

         J. Bischoff will contact NANA about having NAPEHE’s name added to the list of



    4.0 New Business              

      4.1   NAPEHE Board Meeting    Thursday, April 11, 2002   1:30-5:00   San Diego

                Room TBD

      4.2   2003 Lecturer Selection  - in the process of contacting the individuals being considered

      4.3   Young Scholar Forum - L. Fiorentino

                 Idea which came out of the Past President’s Breakfast.  Identify 5-6 universities in the

               area of the NAPEHE conference who prepare doctoral students.  Organize a forum

               for doctoral students to present their research.   Needs to be coordinated with existing

               poster section for the doctoral students.


    5.0 Other

       a.  Reviewers for young scholar submission - Chair of the Publications Board be added to

            the group of individuals who review the submitted papers for the young scholar award.

            Moved, seconded and passed.

       b.  Young Scholar Award has been named the Hally Beth Poindexter Young Scholar Award.

            (Suggested by the Awards Committee and approved by the Executive Committee).

            H. B. Poindexter indicated she would provide financial support for the award.                             Foundations Committee will bring a recommended procedure for establishing such                          support to the NAPEHE Board Meeting in April.   Suggestion was made to set it up the

            same way as the Social Diversity Fund established by Chuck Corbin so others can

            contribute if they wish.

       c.   Past Presidents Breakfast - J. Bischoff 

               First year for the breakfast and it was very productive.  J. Bischoff will summarize

               Board minutes and minutes from the Past President’s Breakfast to send to the past

               presidents so they can be better informed in order to provide insightful comments.

               It is requested that the Past President’s Breakfast be a permanent part of the NAPEHE

               Conference funded through the President’s allocation and/or private donations.

               Board concurred with the recommendation.  The responsibility for the Past President’s

               Breakfast should be added to the Operating Code for the Past President.  J. Bischoff

               will take the responsibility for doing so and bring to the April Board meeting.   



6.0    Adjourned at 3:50 pm


     Respectfully submitted,

    Judith Bischoff, secretary pro tem