NAPEHE Board of Directors Meeting

San Diego, CA

April 10, 2002

1:30 – 4:30 p.m.


Members present:  Mandy Anderson, Charlie Ash, Sally Ayer, Judy Bischoff, Marilyn Buck, Carol Casten, Sandy Cottle, Jody Davenport, John Dunn, Steve Estes, Ron Feingold, Mel Finkenberg, Leah Fiorentino, Jimmy Ishee, John Massengale, Shaunna McGhee, Beverly Mitchell, Camile O’Bryant, Ginny Overdorf, Jan Rintala, Joanne Rowe, Bill Sparks, Anne Stewart, and Alison Wrynn.


Absent: John Charles, Gail Evans, Bill Forbes Sandra Gallemore, Betty Jones, Mimi Murray, Mark Stanbrough, Dick Swanson,


1.0            Introduction


Board members in attendance introduced themselves to others in the group.


2.0            Approval of minutes


Judy Bischoff motioned to approve the minutes from the January 9, 2002 NAPEHE Board Meeting.  Shaunna McGhee seconded.


Motion passed.


Shaunna McGhee motioned to approve the minutes from the January 12, 2002 NAPEHE Board Meeting.  Marilyn Buck seconded.


Motion passed.


3.0            Approval of agenda


Judy Bischoff added two items to the agenda. 


9.04      Past president’s operating code

9.05      Other     Past president’s Breakfast

Spelling to names was corrected as follows:

            Carole Casten

            Sandy Gallemore

Sally Ayer

Camile O’Bryant


Mel Finkenberg made the motion to approve the agenda as amended.  Jan Rintala seconded. 


Motion passed.


4.0            Officer’s Reports


4.01         President’s report             Charlie Ash        Written


Charlie highlighted the 2003 Lecturers for NAPEHE


  • Amy Morris Homans:  Susan Hall
  • Dudley Allen Sargent:  Steve Estes
  • Delphine Hanna:  Robert Pangrazi


From his report, action regarding the Executive Secretary/treasurer’s position will require Board action.  This action appears later on the agenda.


4.02      Past president’s report      Judith Bischoff   Written


Judith has been working on the site for the January 2005 conference.  She has prepared a spreadsheet to compare four different locations which are potential sites.


4.03      President-Elect    Marilyn Buck     Written


Marilyn is meeting with the Future Directions committee in May.  Previously no rooms had been set up to accommodate this meeting, but the site is being cooperative regarding this issue.  To date there appears to be a good working relationship with this hotel.


4.04      Vice president     Mel Finkenberg   Written


The report stands as written


4.05      Vice President-Elect         Jan Rintala         Written


The report stands as written


4.06      Secretary            Jackie Lund (Interim)      


Because of Gerry Carlson’s resignation, Jackie Lund will take minutes today and also for the first board meeting of the 2003 Conference.


4.07      Executive Secretary/Treasurer         Gail Evans


The budget remains unchanged as submitted.  Cathy Buell will come later in the agenda to give a final report of the San Antonio Convention.


5.0        Liaison Reports


            5.01      AAKPE             John Massengale


            John has not done anything to report to the Board.


            Originally, the fourth issue of Quest was the Academy Papers.  Because of 9-11, the Academy Meeting 2001 was cancelled.  Since there was no meeting, the Academy papers cannot be published because they were not presented.  John Dunn as editor of Quest will still have the publication, but it won’t be about Academy papers. 


If anyone has any ideas for collaboration between NAPEHE and the Academy, give the ideas to John Massengale and/or John Dunn.  The relationship between AAKPE and the Academy has declined over the past years and they hope to re-establish it.


            5.02      AAHPERD        Beverly Mitchell             Written


            Beverly has contacted Glenn Roswell and JoAnne Owens-Nauslar about working with AAHPERD.  JoAnne suggested that NAPEHE present five burning issues that AAHPERD could help address and then try to look for ways for the two groups to come together.


            JoAnne will try to come to the NAPEHE Board meeting today.


            Judith Bischoff suggested that the Future Directions Committee might come up with ideas to address jointly with AAHPERD.


            5.03      Research Consortium       John Dunn


            John is looking for ways to establish a better relationship with the Research Consortium and NAPEHE.  Less than 5% of NAPEHE are fellows with the Research Consortium.  There are 362 fellows in the Research Consortium and John encouraged NAPEHE members to apply.  He is looking for ways to maximize the relationship with NAPEHE and the Research Consortium.


Anne Stewart asked about eligibility of NDA members (using choreography as a creative endeavor).


5.04      National Coalition for Promoting Physical Activity   Sandy Gallemore


No report.  Sandy could not attend the meeting.


6.0   Affiliate Reports


6.01                        AIESEP             Ron Feingold     Written


Two conferences were announced.  “Professional Preparation and Social Needs” in Coruna, Spain will be held October 22-25, 2002 and “Diversity in Physical Education and Sport will be held July 30-August 3, 203 in Beverly, Massachusetts.


6.02                        CUAC               Betty Jones       


No Report


Charlie reported that CUAC’s summer meeting will be July 10-14 in Whistler, British Columbia.  Details are available on the AAHPERD web page under AALF.


6.03                        SAWPASH        Joanne Rowe


SAWPASH is trying to increase membership.  There was a decline in attendance at the fall conference.  They are doing a big mailing to increase membership. Graduate students are being targeted for new members.  SAWPASH will attempt to give graduate students the opportunity to present in a non-threatening atmosphere.


The fall conference will be in Gatlinburg, October 3-5, 2002.  The theme is Come to the Mountains: A Time of Caring and Sharing.  The 2003 conference will also be in Gatlinburg during the third week of October.  The organization is solvent, but needs new members.  NAPEHE board members were asked to encourage their graduate students to get involved with SAWPASH. Mickey Taylor will be the new president as of November 1, 2002.


At this time, Mike Davis and JoAnne Owens-Nauslar entered the meeting.  Beverly Mitchell noted that they had indicated that NAPEHE should identify pressing issues to collaborate with AAHPERD.  NAPEHE is interested in forming a mutually beneficial relationship with AAHPERD.  Dr. Naussler thanked NAPEHE for all that the organization does.  She wants to talk to people outside of our profession to tell them about what physical education can do.  This year she intends to talk to the power and money people.  She wants to know what NAPEHE is doing so that she can tell others what is going on.  People can contact her at


Additionally, AAHPERD will have a Director of Public Affairs to promote physical activity.


6.04                        WCPES             Carole Casten


Previously WCPES had experienced a declining enrollment.  The 2001 conference had twice the attendance of each of the three previous years.  To attract more people we have changed the program format and have added juried poster session presentations, juried presentations, and kept the plenary group discussions.  The new format has worked.


Ross Vaughn, from Boise State will be the new president.  Next year’s conference will be in Reno, Nevada October 11-13, 2002. 


6.05                        WSPECW          Sandy Cottle


Western Society is at a critical point.  It has hired an outside consultant for two years to increase membership.  It is trying to get larger.  If not successful, the society may cease to exist.  This year’s conference will be at the Resort at the Mountain in Welches, Oregon November 21-24, 2002.  The conference theme is Making a Difference.  Hally Beth Poindexter will be the keynote speaker and Sharon Shields will be a critical presenter.  It was noted that Sandy’s name needs to be changed on the Chronicle.


7.0   Presidential Appointment Reports


7.01                        Archivist            Richard Swanson


No report


7.02                        Necrologist         Jody Davenport


Jody reported the death of Mary Keyes since the last meeting.


7.03                        Oral History       Alison Wrynn                 Written


Alison has solicited interviewers and is looking for people to interview.  She also suggested that NAPEHE consider moving to digital videos instead of just videotaping the interview. 


Alison is seeking a replacement for her position so that she can work on her own research.  She suggested finding a graduate student who might do this for a dissertation.  Leah Fiorentino suggested that this might be a project that could be done jointly with the Academy.


7.04                        Parliamentarian   Ginny Overdorf


No report


8.0   Committee Chair Reports


8.01                        Awards              Leah Fiorentino               Written


Leah is asking for approval of an operating code change to the Young Scholar Award to reflect the name change.  This was approved in the Executive Committee meeting.  She distributed a call for papers for the Hally Beth Poindexter Young Scholar Award.  Board members were asked to nominate people for the various awards.  Six names will be rolled over from last year for consideration for the scholarship award and five nominations for the administrator award will be rolled over from last year.  No names were rolled over for the service award so nominees are needed for that.


Charlie will send nomination forms for the Young Scholar and Doctoral Student Awards to CUAC members.


8.02                        Bylaws              Shauna McGhee              Written


Shauna handed out copies of the proposed changes to Article XI made at the last meeting.  Her report highlights the proposed changes.  The NAPEHE membership needs to vote on these proposed changes.  Discussion followed about the use of the term corporation to describe NAPEHE.  John Massengale stated that the term corporation was used because of the non-profit status.  Jan Rintala noted that it might have to stay that way for legal purposes.  Gail Evans has that information and Shauna will check with her.


Mel Finkenberg motioned to approve the proposed changes and Judith Bischoff seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.


Jimmy Ishee needs to publish these changes in the Chronicle.


8.03                        Elections/nominations      Mandi Anderson


Mandi has sent a request for nominations to Steve Estes for publication in the Chronicle.  The president and vice president will both be males this year.  A secretary also needs to be nominated and this position will be for a female.  To date there are no nominations.  Ballots are to be mailed during the first week of September with the membership renewal mailing. 


Leah indicated that nominees need to accept by June.  A one-page vita is needed for the election. 


Marilyn encouraged people to give Mandi lots of nominations, as some people will be unable to commit.


8.04                        Foundations                   Ron Feingold                 Written


The committee has reviewed and revised the responsibilities of the Executive Director and forwarded these to the president.  They also have followed up on sponsors and soliciting funds for the conference.


8.05                        Future Directions             John Charles (by Beverly Mitchell)             Written


The annual meeting is scheduled for the weekend of May 17 in Clearwater, FL.  On the agenda is to consider the role of the liaisons. Also, notes from the meeting in San Antonio will be used to create the agenda.


Anne Stewart asked to receive a copy of the tape made during the membership discussion in San Antonio. She also would like Marilyn’s notes to her so that she can use them for Public Affairs.


Sally Ayer suggested that the committee look at the role of the affiliates at the meeting.


Sandy Cottle expressed concern that NAPEHE has control over dispersal of funds according to the operating code.  She also felt that the Board report format was not appropriate for the Societies. 


Joanne Rowe noted that if SAWPASH were dissolved, NAPEHE would get all the money.  It is misleading.


Sandy Cottle also stated that she doesn’t believe that Affiliates should vote.  Western Society will have a discussion about this at the November board meeting.


The concern is over Article XV Section 3 first paragraph – does NAPEHE control the finances of the Affiliates?


Charlie stated that the Executive Committee will discuss this and try to resolve the issues.  He will contact the affiliates about changes that need to be made.


Judy Bischoff asked if the Future Directions Committee should look into how to use the Diversity Funds.  She also suggested that the committee brainstorm ideas for generating income.


There also will be a name change for NAPEHE.  Ideas are needed on ways to make the change occur.


If there are others things that the Future Directions Committee needs to consider, get them to Jan Rintala, Marilyn Buck, Beverly Mitchell, Steve Estes, or John Charles.


8.06                  Membership                   Bill Forbes (by Ginny Overdorf)                Written


The membership committee is looking for ward to increase membership.  The committee has submitted a membership plan to be considered by the Board. 


Mel Finkenberg suggested dividing the plan into two different motions for discussion.  The first motion to read:  The Membership Committee recommends incentives for institutions and individuals to increase members.  For example, institutions that have three or more people attend the conferences would receive a discount (10% discount suggested).  The second motion:  It was also recommended that individuals (current members) who bring new members to the conference would receive a 10% discount per person who attends the conference and joins NAPEHE.  Judith Bischoff seconded the motion.


Motion passed unanimously.


Discussion followed.  The first motion was unanimously voted down.


Discussion followed on the second motion and it was amended to read as follows:


Current members who bring new members to the 2003 Conference will receive a 10% discount for each person who attends the 2003 Conference and joins NAPEHE.


Motion passed unanimously.


A proposal to have a new member reception was discussed and withdrawn from the floor.  It was suggested that new members would be recognized at the opening reception.


 Ron Feingold made a motion to recognize new members at the open reception and Anne Steward seconded.  Motion passed unanimously.


The agenda was suspended as Cathy Buell arrived to discuss the San Antonio Conference.


A financial report of the 2002 San Antonio Conference was distributed.


Cathy noted that we need to clear up whether first time conference attendees get free memberships.  Also, four ads appeared in the conference program which generated income.  The Board needs to decide whether they will continue to do that.


Ron Feingold noted that sponsorships were not showing on the financial report.  Marilyn stated that sponsorships go directly to Gail Evans and don’t appear on the budget.  Also honorariums don’t appear on the convention report as they come from a different budget.


Jody Davenport asked if this was more profit than normal and was told yes.


Cathy stated that this is the money that NAPEHE took in because of the conference.


The following points were noted:


  1. People who turn in presentations with multiple names need to state who is actually doing the presentation.  When several names are submitted, the assumption is made that these people will be attending the conference.  This throws the head counts for meals, etc. off.
  2. NAPEHE needs to make it clear that we don’t take credit cards.
  3. We are a professional group and as such should pay for audiovisual equipment.


Mel Finkenberg noted that it states on the conference registration form that only those registered for the conference will appear on the convention program. Discussion followed about whether the names should appear on the abstract, but only the presenters’ names be listed in the program.


Judith Bischoff commended Cathy on her efforts.


A summary of the conference will appear in the Chronicle.


8.07      Public Affairs                 Anne Stewart                  Written


Anne has posted pictures from the conference on the Web.  Members of the Committee will cover the different districts in AAHPERD to monitor issues of interest to NAPEHE.


If the Board has something special it wants the Public Affairs Committee to do, let them know.  The committee will continue to put pictures up on a poster board with names.  The Board was also asked to provide money for film, processing, posterboards, etc..


8.08      Publications                   Bill Sparks                     Written


Bill began by thanking Steve Estes for his efforts.


8.8.1        Jimmy Ishee needs two more editors – one for Scholarly Publications and the other for Political Window.


If there are any suggestions for the Chronicle, give them to Jimmy.


Charlie suggested that Steve do an article in the fall on the issue of the NAPEHE name change, pro and con.


A suggestion was made to balance the Chronicle by gender when naming replacements.


8.08.2                       OPERA             Sally Ayer


There have been 95 registrations for OPERA.  Sally asked about giving a reduced rate for those listings posted in June.  Ron Feingold suggested giving them the listing for the following year and giving them the month of June as a bonus.


Sally sends her announcements for conference proceedings to 600 people.


8.09                  Social Justice                  Camile O’Bryant             Written


The committee strongly suggests that we consider culturally diverse people for the Homans, Hanna, and Sargent Lectures


8.10                  Technology                    Mark Stanbrough


No report


9.0   Old Business


9.01                        2002 Conference              Cathy Buell and Judith Bischoff


See previous when agenda was suspended.


9.02                        2003 Conference              Mel Finkenberg

A floor plan of the Queen Mary was distributed to Board members.  Food will be expensive for the conference and AV costs will run about $1000. However, nothing in the contract says that we can’t bring our own AV equipment. Two keynote speakers are being considered.  The first is Shirley Chater, past president of TCU and Bill Clinton’s Commissioner of the Social Security Administration.  The other person is Skip Meno, Ann Richards’ appointee as Commissioner of Education in Texas.  He currently is the Dean of the College of Education at San Diego State University.  Mel is sending out personalized messages to NAPEHE members.  We need to hit 80% of our room targets.  People not staying on the Queen Mary will have a $15 per day charge to get on the boat. Rooms for the sessions will be available from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.  Therefore, sessions will be 50 minutes long with the last session 75 minutes.


9.03            Institutional Memberships             Charlie Ash


The NAPEHE Executive Committee has discussed the idea of institutional membership.  The suggestion was to charge $150 which will give them free OPERA listings $38.


Shauna McGhee seconded the motion.


Discussion followed.  It was noted that the Executive Secretary will do the billing for the institutional membership.


Motion passed with one negative vote and one abstention.


Judith Bischoff stated that a decision will need to be made about how OPERA fits into the budget as a line item.


9.04                        President and Vice President Operating Codes          Judith Bischoff   Written


Judith Bischoff presented a revision to the president and vice president’s operating codes. 


Jan Rintala made the motion to accept the revisions to the president’s operating code and Shaunna McGhee seconded it.  


Motion passed unanimously.


Jan Rintala motioned to accept the revisions to the vice-president’s operating code and Mel Finkenberg seconded.


Motion passed unanimously.


Judith Bischoff motioned approval of the past president’s operating code.  Shauna McGhee seconded.


The word April was added to H.2. after the word March.


Motion passed unanimously.


9.05                  Summary of Past-president’s Breakfast meeting        Judith Bischoff   Written


A summary of the Past-president’s Breakfast Meeting was presented.  It was suggested to have the Future Directions Committee look at this for ideas. Sharon Shields suggested that the president-elect be included in the meeting.


10.0           New Business


10.01          2005 Conference              Judith Bischoff


Judith presented several possible sites to the Board.  After much discussion the Board gave her ideas to pursue which she will follow up on and present at future meetings.


10.02          Executive Secretary/Treasurer Operating Code and Advertisement         Charlie Ash


Charlie presented the proposed operating code for the Executive Secretary/Treasurer position.  Sharon Shields seconded it.


A discussion followed.  The changes are as follows:


  • Removed responsibilities for publications
  • Will work with the vice president on fees
  • Will work with affiliates about finances
  • Will no longer be required to attend AAHPERD


The motion to accept the proposed operating code passed unanimously.


The compensation for the position was discussed next.  Sharon Shields seconded the motion on compensation


  Discussion followed.  It will be $3,000 less than in the past.   Gayle’s equipment and supplies will be transferred to the new person.  Maintenance of the equipment will be up to future boards.  There will be no compensation for attending the NAPEHE Conference.  The person must pay for it him/herself.


The motion on the compensation package passed unanimously.


11.0         Adjournment


Camile O’Bryant made the motion to adjourn.  Mandi Anderson seconded.


Motion passed unanimously.