Thursday, March 29, 2001 1:30 p.m.
Regal Hotel Colonnade B

Call to Order:  Judith Bischoff

The meeting was called to order at 1:35 p.m.

Members present: Charles Ash, Judith Bischoff, Marilyn Buck, Cathy Buell, Gerald Carlson, Carol Caslin, Jody Davenport, Steve Estes, Ron Feingold,

Mel Finkenberg, Leah Fiorentina, Bill Forbes, Sandra Gallemore, Susan Hall, John Massengale, Shaunna McGhie, Beverly Mitchell, Camille O’Bryant, Hally Poindexter

Ginny Overdorf, Joanne Rowe, Bob Ruhling, Sharon Shields, Joy DeSensi.


Members not present: Sally Ayer, Ellen Carlton, Gail Evans, Mimi Murray, Bill Sparks, Mark Stanbrough, Anne Stewart, Richard Swanson, Alison Wrynn.

A thanks was given to Charles Ash for preparing the By Laws and Operation Codes.

1.   Introduction of new and continuing members.  A quorum was announced.

2.   Approval of minutes of January 3, 2001, Gerald Carlson (Written)

Change: 4.07—New dues start 2001 for 2002

4.50—date of


6.06—Marian Broer, name correction

Steve Estes moved approval of January 3, 2001 minutes from the NAPEHE Board meeting.  Seconded Bob Ruhling.  Motion passed.

Approval of minutes of January 6, 2001

Charles Ash moved approval of January 6, 2001 minutes from the NAPEHE Board meeting.  Seconded Steve Estes.

2.01 Joy DeSensi: (written report)

Queen Mary January 14-19, 2003

280 room nights—no room charge (can be lowered if necessary within year)

There were 300+ room nights at Amelia Island


3.0  Officer’s Report (written as needed)

4.01 President, Judith Bischoff  (written report) - announced lecturers for 2002 conference: Delphine Hanna Lecturer: Jan Rintala, Amy Morris Homans Lecturer: Emily Wughalter , Dudley Allen Sargent Lecturer:         Chuck Corbin

-        By Law changes (asked Shaunna McGhie to work)

-        add to each operating code

-        Quest operating code


4.02     Past President:            Bob Ruhling (no report)


4.03     President Elect            Charlie Ash (written)

-        wants us to look through operating code for each section and send to Charlie Ash

-        Steve Estes recommendes sending to Shaunna McGhie to get operating code on web

-        Holly Poindexter recommends change to model by June or July so all        

-        Board Members to have it ready for the fall.

-        Recommended by Judith Bischoff was to have a hard copy for each board member plus on web page

-        Send changes to Charlie Ash and Shaunna McGhie

-        Holly Poindexter place “revised as of ___” or “sending” by each section

-        Sandy Gallemore raised question about adding Guideline for Liaison organization affiliate members


4.04     Cathy Buell                 no written report

-        offers are out for keynote speakers


4.05     Vice President Elect    Mel Finkenberg: report


4.06     Gerald Carlson                       no report


4.07     Ex. Secretary/Treasurer          Gail Evans (reported by J. Randolff as per phone conversation with Gail Evans)

-        2001 budget

-        15K oppenhiemer fund

-        1200 to social diversity funds

-        2500 to start up fund to University of Utah for Quest

-        Dues

-        Transition to new budget year


4.08     Liaison Reports     


5.01     AAKPE          John Massengale         (no report)


5.02     AAHPERD     Beverly Mitchell

-        discussion about Liaison role with AAHPERD

-        what should current representative do

-        work with AAHPERD to establish role


5.03     John Dunn      (no report)


5.04     (old 6.03)

-        discussed Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to promote physical     

-        acct


6.0       Affiliate Reports


6.01     CUAC Charlie Ash


-       promoting CUAC Summer Conference July 11-15, 2001

-       call for papers

-       any affiliate of AAHPERD can get a convention booth reduction

-       Since CUAC is an affiliate of NAPEHE we also receive a booth reduction

-       Charlie Ash will follow up with Jan Sieman to check this out


6.03     AIESEP           Ron Feingold   (written)


6.04     SAWPASH     Joanne Rowe

-       trying to increase membership

-       promoting conference with female colleagues in related fields


6.05     WCPES           Carol Caslin    (no written report)

-       meeting in Reno

-       call for posters—professors and students


6.06     Western Society for Physical Education College Women Ellen Carlton by Cathy Buell

-        planning stays for fall conference the week before Thanksgiving

-        discussion of co-hosting meeting when in the appropriate geographical

-        location


8.0       Membership:  Ginny Overdorf

            discussed new brochure

            discussed flier for 2002 conference

            date changed 9th  10-12

            title change

            change names of member committee

            get 4 new members (conference attendees) get free attendance at conference

       Motion – free conference registration for bringing 4 new conference attendees


       Motion passed


7.0       Archivist                     Richard Swanson        (no report)


7.02     Conference 2001         Charlie Ash     (written report)

-        129 registrants and list of 1st time attendees

-        Thanks to Kennesaw for the use of equipment and services for annual conference moved bye Holly Poindexter

-        Steve Esters suggested President Bischoff  send a letter to Kennesaw Dean/President about their help

-        The association sends its congratulations to Charlie Ash for great conference.


7.03     Convention Booth      Cathy Buell (no written report)

            western college society

       asked board if we want booth in San Diego

       Moved Ruhling  2nd Shaunna McGhie to set booth at 2002 AAHPERD Convention

       Motion Carried


7.04     Necrologist                  Jody Davenport (no written report)

            -Robert Ritson- Oregon State Sen listed as passing


7.05     Oral History   Alison Wrynn (no written report)


7.06     Parliamentarian           H. Poindexter (no written report)


8.0       Committee Chair Report:


8.01     Awards           L. Fiorentino   (written report)

            promote awards

            on web site


8.02     By Laws         Shaunna McGhie

-        several questions

-        tried to clean up web page

-        web is accurate to date (cleaned up typos)

-        suggestions for change: by Shaunna


Motion: 6 elected, 10 standing, 6 officials

Article 4 sec 1 listed all elected officers get exact wording from Shaunna McGhie


Holly Poindexter and Parliamentarian—stated 6 elected officers, can be out voted by 16 standing/officiate members

-motion that there be a change in this policy

Steve Estes—speaks in favor of motion

Ron Feingold—explanation of history of evolution of voting rights of affiliates/liaisons


Voting membership of the board

Formalized Affiliates

Motion—yes votes , no votes, 1 abstention, Motion passed.


Motion—change by laws to reflect vote

Presented by Judith Beschof motion by Ron Feingold seconded by Bob Ruhling

Add to each operating code: “all receipts submitted no later than …..”


Lengthy Discussion!!!


Recommend                Cathy Buell    seconded Susan Hall

Eliminate the (    ) from the by-law change motion


Cathy Buell—stated all elected board members should be...........

Operating Code for Quest-(new) one does not exist at this time

Asking for approval

Coming from by laws committee to board



8.03     Elections and Nominations     Marilyn Buck (no written report)


8.04     Foundations    Ron Feingold   (written report)


8.05     Future Dir.      Susan Hall       (no report)


8.06     Ginny Overdorf: report


8.07     Public relations Anne Stewart (no report)


8.08     Publications


8.08.1 Chronicles       Steve Estes      (no written report)

-       discussed items for inclusion of chronicle

-       ask us to review chronicle to see if we are overlooking at expense of articles


8.08.2 OPERA           Sally Ayers

-       try to get OPERA to be self sustaining (asked Sally to submit proposal)

-       Sally Ayers suggests  written report

Motion: Charlie- 2nd Mel Finkenberg Inst. $100.00 fee unlimited subscription from OPERA services (NAPEHE fiscal year to be determined)

            Motion Passed!


8.08.3 Quest John Dunn      (no report)


Motion: Charlie- 2nd Mel Finkenberg Inst. $100.00 fee unlimited subscription from OPERA services (NAPEHE fiscal year to be determined)

            Motion Passed!


8.09     Social Justice/Cultural Diversity        Camille Bryant, Sharon Shields

-       people are stopping by booth to have institutional membership placed on application form

-        no news since January


8.10     Technology     no report


9.0       Old Business


9.01     2002 conference          Cathey Buell: no report


9.02     2004 conference          Robert Ruhing written material

-       room and weather information

-       past out brochures on various sites

-       concentrate on Tampa

-       got feedback to Robert Ruhling

-       what should drive his next decision


9.03     2003 conference--Jay De Sensi-given at the beginning.  Queen Mary is the site for 2003.


9.04     Revisions to awards operating code (written report)

-       changes recommended adding young scholar

-       see report

-       Steve Estes, 2nd Bob Ruhling- recommends changing

                  see document for change

       Motion  VI. Presentation of awards

       f. delete

       Modify D.2, check re-numbering..APPROVED


9.05     National Alliance for Nutrition: next meeting


9.07     moved to take off table, motion from last night (approved)

            --Steve Estes discussion, agreement- contract with HP

             Question to maintain the main page for NAPEHE, link back to HP (approved)




10        New Business


-        Charlie Ash , Mel Finkenberg second, discussion of ads in program at conference

-        Barry ad 2001

       Motion:  non-profits are allowed to advertise in conference for a fee

Susan Hall- suggested allowing for profits, institutions of organizations appropriate to mission of NAPEHE


       Second Motion: 200/full page


10.01   paragraph from publications committee

            -from Judith Bischoff if fee is changed we get percentage

       Motion approved


Meeting adjourned 5:25